#7QT: In Which House Guests Crash My Place!

The family is coming, the family is coming!   — 1 — 2 years ago at this time, I was traveling to Virginia Beach to run the Shamrock Marathon. This year, I’m awaiting my many houseguests who will be staying for the duration of Shamrock Weekend. And this year, I’m running the Dolphin Challenge. 8k … Continue reading

5 Conversations With A 5 Year Old

Stories from my life as a teacher librarian in an urban school. Here’s a life-hint regarding children – If you invite open-ended questions, they will come. In the following scenario(s), I am bold. Students are not bold, although their questioning is bold. (See what I did there?) “Yes? Do you have a question?” Student 1: … Continue reading

What To Do With (Yet Another) Snow Day

Third day off work in two weeks. Apparently southern Virginia gets snow. Who knew? Last week the stir-crazy got to me after day one. This week, I’m being proactive. Let me break it down for ya. Try out a new recipe – one that will take a while. This crock-pot mac ‘n’ cheese recipe is … Continue reading

6 Months From Today… eep!

Honestly, it seems the two schools of thought on marriage are thus: Your life will NEVER be THE SAME ever EVER. It’s pretty much a continuation of what you were doing the day before you got married. <skeptical eyebrow> All signs point to: yes, some things will change; yes, some things will be the same; … Continue reading