7QT: life is changing yet again Edition.

Ah, seven quick takes. How infrequently I write you. Except seeing as how I no longer work on Fridays, perhaps I will. And yet seeing as how I don’t have to work on Fridays, perhaps I’ll actually do all the things that usually wait for the weekend. Time shall tell, eh? Do you like to … Continue reading

#KitchenExperiments: Creamy Spinach Sausage Pasta

Tonight I went YOLO with dinner. Here was my thought process: Husband wants dinner. Has no preferences. There’s some stuff in the fridge I should probably use up. (Namely: 2 chicken sausage links and half a block of cream cheese) Let’s combine those and call it dinner. Now, I should say I’ve seen variations of … Continue reading

Real Talk: Opinions I Feel Like Sharing Today

Why? Because I’m opinionated, goshdarnit. And because sadly, many folks I know who enjoy reading blogs do not enjoy twitter, where most of my opinions are shared with the world. So, in no particular order, here you go. 1. Thou shalt not call a recipe “cheesy” if the recipe calls for fat-free cheese. Also, thou shalt … Continue reading

Why Blog?

Why Blog?

Why do you read blogs? If you’re like me, it goes something like this: staying up-to-date with the lives of friends who happen to blog amusement at the antics of families which are not mine spiritual enrichment of some sort That’s about it, for me, at least. This weekend I had the wonderful pleasure of spending … Continue reading

On Turning 26…[world’s longest birthday recap]

On Turning 26…[world’s longest birthday recap]

Once upon a time – well, twenty-six times – I have had a birthday. Though I suppose I’ve only had one ‘birthday’, and have had many celebrations of said birthday. This year, I found myself in a position where I absolutely wanted to do something for my birthday. Husband, in all his goodness, said “okay. What are we … Continue reading

Last Post of 2014

My friend Emily tagged me in this one… so thanks, Em. At least I’m writing something… Four names that people call me: 1. Marie 2. Mrs. Griffiths 3. Aunt Rie 4. Boo (that’s only one person!) Four jobs I have had: 1. public library page 2. College admissions office assistant 3. ISchool admissions program assistant 4. … Continue reading

Week In The Life: Saturday [WEEKEEEEEND]

Weekends around here are pretty great. Husband and I typically see more of each other than on a normal weekday, we both get a little extra sleep so we’re less cranky, and in general, life is grand. This Saturday really wasn’t an exception. First things first, a slow wake up. Very slow. And then lounging. … Continue reading