On Turning 26…[world’s longest birthday recap]

On Turning 26…[world’s longest birthday recap]

Once upon a time – well, twenty-six times – I have had a birthday. Though I suppose I’ve only had one ‘birthday’, and have had many celebrations of said birthday. This year, I found myself in a position where I absolutely wanted to do something for my birthday. Husband, in all his goodness, said “okay. What are we … Continue reading

Last Post of 2014

My friend Emily tagged me in this one… so thanks, Em. At least I’m writing something… Four names that people call me: 1. Marie 2. Mrs. Griffiths 3. Aunt Rie 4. Boo (that’s only one person!) Four jobs I have had: 1. public library page 2. College admissions office assistant 3. ISchool admissions program assistant 4. … Continue reading

Week In The Life: Saturday [WEEKEEEEEND]

Weekends around here are pretty great. Husband and I typically see more of each other than on a normal weekday, we both get a little extra sleep so we’re less cranky, and in general, life is grand. This Saturday really wasn’t an exception. First things first, a slow wake up. Very slow. And then lounging. … Continue reading

Week In My Life: Friday [7 Things]

Here we go, Friday, here we go! Morning:  -snooze. snooze. snooze some more. oops, looks like I’m hitting 7-Eleven for coffee because I no longer have time to brew it before I leave. So, 75% blueberry coffee and 25% french vanilla capp it is. (Yum). Ran out of oatmeal. Note that I did put it … Continue reading

Week In My Life: Thursday

It got cold today. Just so happens my office is one of the best-heated in the building. (Just so happens I share my office with all the computer servers and equipment.) it’s getting hot in heeeere. Morning: –the above statement about it being hot? yeah. it got worse. so my “I’ll layer this plaid long sleeve button-down … Continue reading

Week In My Life: Wednesday

Oh, Wednesday. How you sneak up on me every week. Such a pleasant day you normally are. If you’re wondering why you’re reading this – I’ve joined Kathryn’s Week In The Life linkup. Because half the time, I don’t remember what happens during each day. Time to notice the little things and the big things. … Continue reading

Week In My Life series: Tuesday

TUESDAY!  Morning:  -Yes, we teachers work on Veteran’s Day. I arrived at work earlier than I expected to, thanks to zero traffic. A Maryland miracle! Today is an early dismissal day for students, which I forget until I arrive at school. -Oatmeal with cinnamon and brown sugar. 24oz of coffee. Breakfast of champions. -Announce the … Continue reading

Week In My Life series: Monday

Starting off a “week in my life” posting series a day late. Seems about right. So, Monday. That was a thing. Morning: -I headed into work even earlier than I usually do (which is still early) for my official “post-observation conference”. I accepted the feedback and comments given by admin, signed off on it, and got … Continue reading

A List of 7+ Updates on Life, including Birdland Photos

1) Vocation: STILL MARRIED Y’ALL. It’s still awesome. 2) Condo Living: New bathroom floor. It’s pretty, but I’m too lazy to go take a picture. Dad and Husband installed it. They did good work. Also THE LAMINATE WOOD FLOORS ARE DONE. Everywhere. Living room, hallway, office, bedroom. YAY. So pretty. So easy to clean. 3) Food: Food Lion … Continue reading