7QT: whatever I feel like sharing edition

If you want to read something, I dare link you to the WaPo, but I really loved this piece entitled “Marry the person who will help you to the bathroom“. It’s overall a wise way to look at relationships and the people we want to spend our lives with.Relatedly, I could have written a piece … Continue reading

the #7qt in which I catch up on the last month…

the #7qt in which I catch up on the last month…

Because I only manage to blog…well, apparently once a month?… I should probably just cram it all into one giant post that no one will want to read because of the overwhelming wordiness of it all. Right? Right. I’m sure that’s what all the blog marketing gurus would say. [insert properly sized formatted and prettified … Continue reading

7 Quick Takes: Hello, September!

7 Quick Takes: Hello, September!

Wowza. September. Newsflash: just because the month changes, doesn’t mean the weather does. We’ve had multiple 90+ degree days in a row. They’re not my favorite, personally, seeing as how 15 minutes outside turns one from a human being into a creature from the swamp. Swampish and sneezing should be the temporary name of my … Continue reading

7QT: life is changing yet again Edition.

Ah, seven quick takes. How infrequently I write you. Except seeing as how I no longer work on Fridays, perhaps I will. And yet seeing as how I don’t have to work on Fridays, perhaps I’ll actually do all the things that usually wait for the weekend. Time shall tell, eh? Do you like to … Continue reading

#KitchenExperiments: Creamy Spinach Sausage Pasta

Tonight I went YOLO with dinner. Here was my thought process: Husband wants dinner. Has no preferences. There’s some stuff in the fridge I should probably use up. (Namely: 2 chicken sausage links and half a block of cream cheese) Let’s combine those and call it dinner. Now, I should say I’ve seen variations of … Continue reading

Real Talk: Opinions I Feel Like Sharing Today

Why? Because I’m opinionated, goshdarnit. And because sadly, many folks I know who enjoy reading blogs do not enjoy twitter, where most of my opinions are shared with the world. So, in no particular order, here you go. 1. Thou shalt not call a recipe “cheesy” if the recipe calls for fat-free cheese. Also, thou shalt … Continue reading