More #KitchenExperiments: recipes for you!

More #KitchenExperiments: recipes for you!

Today I bring you two new creations from my kitchen, neither of which were based on a recipe, and both of which will be recreated in some fashion again. “You can definitely make this again” was Husband’s commentary last night (on the kind of quiches). I think I win. Sidebar: I hate the taste of … Continue reading

7QT: it’s springtime in February? edition

We’ve dug out from the great blizzard and…most of it has melted. Because it’s been in the 50’s lately. And sunny. And very strange. Anyway, it’s Friday so I’m linking up with Kelly whose organizational habits are intense and didn’t make me feel unorganized at all. My parents came to visit this week! It was … Continue reading

7QT: Post Blizzard Apocalypse Edition

Sure, it’s not a creative title, but at least I’m writing 2 weeks in a row! Linking up with Kelly of course. Thing1: Much snow. Many days off. Since I’m out on leave snow days don’t bother me…but it means I have additional days of leave before I go back to work! It was important … Continue reading

7QT: Before the Blizzard Descends Edition

I used to use the term ‘blizzard’ jokingly in Ohio, meaning anywhere from 3-10″ of snow. Apparently there’s a┬áreal definition for blizzard and it’s more than that, and they’re using it about this weekend. Wheeeeeee. I should probably charge every device we own. (Note: we probably own too many devices). Anyway. Linking up with Kelly … Continue reading

We have a two month old?!

It’s true. It’s hard for me to believe, but true. Little miss is weighing in at 11lbs, 12 ounces and rocking 22 inches in length, though she stubbornly refuses to stretch her legs out for the height measurement so who knows. Likes: eating, being naked, giggling, pretending to jump off your legs, smiling, Daddy snuggles … Continue reading

Latin Everything Isn’t The Answer

According to google translate, “Non omnia Latini responsum” for those of you who think it is. How many times are you going to see an article/editorial/blogpost that says “The Church is fading with Millenials. How do we get them back?!” I’ve seen this about a bajillion times. Without fail, someone – or a few someones … Continue reading

my favorite Advent-y things

I’m writing this with a baby tied to my chest, and I’d like to mention baby carriers are one of the best inventions out there. We’re a big fan of the mei tai, and fortunately, so is baby. Moving on. Lights. For some reason, Christmas lights make me smile. They’re bright, they’re cheerful, and there’s … Continue reading

One Month Later…

and we’re all still alive, sane, and usually smiling!   Little Miss is working on a smile. Mostly it’s witnessed when she’s working on her digestive tract or about to spit all over me, but occasionally it’s ‘just because’. She quirked her lip earlier when her dad attempted to teach her ‘high five’, so we … Continue reading