7 Quick Takes: Inaugural Post #1!

—- 1 —-

This is my first ever “7 Quick Takes Friday” post. I’ve been inspired by a number of blogs I read who follow this, and I decided I like it. Most of them, by the way, are from the #cathsorority group.

—- 2 —-

This week has been trying. Grad school does that. The stress is evident (I wear my stress on my sleeve. Literally. See also: psoriasis.) But I’m making it through one day at a time and I plan to continue that!

—- 3 —-

If you’re Catholic, and you care about the HHS mandate brought down by the current administration in the White House, you might want to read this letter from Bishop Zubik of the Diocese of Pittsburgh.

—- 4 —-

My coffee addiction is flourishing. (See also, graduate school!) This week, I ran into issues with the silly coffee filters collapsing whilst brewing. There are few things more annoying that reaching for a large mug of coffee while still half-asleep to discover grounds. And lots of grounds. Anyone know why that keeps happening (and how the heck do I get my filters to stand on their own?)

—- 5 —-

My mom continues to be one of my favorite people ever. See my recent blog post on my mom if you need a reminder as to her awesomeness. 🙂 Yesterday, I was having what can best be a described as a day that started downhill and kept picking up speed. So I sent her a text message that just said “Rough day. Prayers appreciated.” This morning, she called to ask me how things went, and I was able to tell her that my day actually started picking up not long after that text message, I made it through, and my mental health is still mostly intact. At which point she said, “see, that’s why I’m here.” That, dear friends, is love.

—- 6 —-

You may or may not be aware I’m training for a marathon (the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach, March 18th) with my sister and one of my brothers. Last weekend, I managed to get a 15.4 mile run in on Sunday, despite the under-30-degrees temperature. This week though, I’m dealing with a very wonky foot that doesn’t feel all that great. Supposed to be a 16-miler this weekend, but I may have to cut it short. That’s not exciting for me, because I’m still intimidated by the whole concept of a marathon to begin with, but it is what it is. Any other runners out there?

—- 7 —-

On a completely unrelated note, I made scones this week with dried cranberries and a freshly-squeezed orange juice icing. That was a wonderful life choice. I managed to give away most of them, thank goodness, but I’m definitely keeping this recipe from the Food Network in my kitchen!

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