7 Quick Takes Friday: The Third.

My third edition! (Because some weeks, it just doesn’t happen.)

—- 1 —-

Lent. It’s happening. And this is a good thing. Details really aren’t all that necessary. That said, interesting thoughts from Fr. Vavonese this morning at Mass.
(Link to the readings for today)
Paraphrased, because I don’t take notes while listening to homilies:

 ”We have a tendency to use this phrase, “It’s the least I could do”, when someone thanks us. Perhaps not every time, but it’s certainly been said. But why? It’s really an apology – it’s an apology that you acknowledge you could have done more, but didn’t. You did the least. Why? Consider that. Discover where you can do more. And then go out and do more.

—- 2 —-

This week’s music plug isn’t for a particular artist I think you’d enjoy. Rather, I’d just like to point out that there are some fantastic hymns for the Lenten season. I’m crowd-sourcing for answers here, what are you favorites? Admittedly, I’m partial to “The Glory of These Forty Days” but last weekend, we actually sang the Litany of the Saints as an entrance hymn. While I was completely struck off-guard, I’ve decided I kinda like that. And of course, a plug for “Be Thou My Vision”, which while probably not Lent-centric, is one of my favorites of all time.

—- 3 —-

There was a great hockey game on Wednesday night.
My Penguins won, in a shootout. Well-matched.
The playoffs aren’t that far away, all things considered. Yaaaay!

—- 4 —-

The fine gentleman visited last weekend. We saw Les Miserables performed. Live. Having been part of a production of the show, but never having seen it as an observer, I must say… wow. It was quite impressive. Granted, it’s impressive across the board, but they had a fine cast. The music is still playing in my head.
(Also, apparently we’re touching on music in multiple points this week.)

—- 5 —-

After months – several months – as in almost six – of searching, phone calls, letters, in-person visits, and frustrated rants to my mother (what a dear), I have a new gastro doc here in Syracuse. Finally. And an appointment Wednesday. I’m beyond excited, which may seem strange, but… I want my meds. I don’t think I’m asking all that much.

(writing that just reminded me I need to set up a phone date with my derm. thanks for being so helpful, blogging!)

—- 6 —-

Monday was a 20-mile run. I survived. 4:03 on a sunless day, which was probably a good thing. A few things are still twinging, but overall, I was incredibly happy with that. I finally feel like I mightjustmaybe be able to finish the Shamrock on the 18th without collapsing. If it wasn’t for my support circle of sister and brother, I’d never have considered doing this. I need to go out and find my green gear though – come on, Irish girl running the Shamrock marathon *must* be properly attired. T’would be a shame not to. We’ll see what I can find…

—- 7 —-

My school (note: also my employer) is running a sort of contest involving Pinterest, so I just spent the last 15 minutes doing a crash-course-tutorial on how it works (and how it should work) (and how it should be used) and how it’s used. That was fun! But I did announce my favorite part of pinterest: the ability (like twitter) to follow/unfollow *whoever the heck you want*. And that glorious option to only follow some. So it means I can look at the great recipes you post, but don’t have to see pictures of half-naked women that you’ve decided are inspirational (sorry, they just don’t work for me). What a beautiful option to have, and it’s key to why pinterest just may work as a new form of networking.

pssssst, if you’re on there, you can follow me if you so wish.

that’s all, folks!

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