7 Quick Takes: Playoff Time Edition.

—- 1 —-

It’s hockey playoffs, which might very well be my favorite time of the year. If you follow me on twitter, this is why you’re being inundated with tweets that might not make very much sense on various evenings from 7:30-10pmish. Also: Go Penguins! (I’m writing this during intermission.)

Penguins banners hanging in the rafters at Consol Energy Center in Pittsburgh (Sept. 2010 photo)

—- 2 —-

What might be a reason for this time of year to not be my favorite? Allergies. I’ve been a mess for the past few weeks, and it’s not looking to abate anytime soon. (And I take 2 meds a day.) Today, my face was just aching, solely from sinuses.

—- 3 —-

Also a reason for this time of year to not be my favorite: it’s the last few weeks of the semester. Which means a lot of big projects that are coming due and demanding quite a bit of effort, while at the same time my brain just wants to stop, drop, and roll all over the month of April straight to May. So motivation is, well, a work in progress.

—- 4 —-

A reason this might be my favorite time of year: we just wrapped up Holy Week, celebrated Holy Thursday, contemplated Good Friday, rejoiced at the Resurrection (which was Saturday late evening, as I went to Vigil per my usual), and now we’re in the Easter season. Definitely a reason to be in love with this time of year.

—- 5 —-

Also a positive: Mama and Daddy came to visit me for Easter! They were here Friday-Monday AM, and we had a blast. We went on adventures to yard sales and to see the Cathedral, we played cards, we watched a movie or two, we cooked, and we had a big Easter Sunday dinner with my sister and brother-in-law.

An incredibly random photo of my parents power washing our house back in Ohio. It’s so colorful!

—- 6 —-

And another positive: the Farmer’s Market! We went last weekend, it was a chilly but sunny blue-sky day, and there was plenty of fresh produce to be had for sometimes-even-better-than-bargain prices. Who doesn’t love that?

—- 7 —-

Just one more great thing about this time of year: even though it’s been slightly cold, it’s going to be warm enough to go running this weekend. I think I’m finally going to start back up with a regular schedule, after taking a few weeks off post-marathon, and I’m looking for possible events in the CNY as a goal – not to really race or break any records, but just as something to look forward to. I’m looking forward to getting my legs going again!

Incredibly terrible photo of me (in the lime and fuchsia with orange sunglasses, of course) trying to give a thumbs up while finishing the marathon – this was about 100yds from the actual finish, so I was a wee bit tired/hungry/chafed/sore. But the ocean is pretty!

So there ya go. šŸ™‚

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