7QT: Do Or Die Game 5 Edition.

—- 1 —-

Let’s start with the important news: my team’s hockey season isn’t over… YET. In a game which could have been the eliminating 4-game sweep, the Penguins ended up taking it to Philly, in Philly, and won 10-3. (Yes, 10 goals. In a hockey game.) So at least there’s that. Game 5 is tonight, in Pittsburgh, and I’m currently wearing my #71. Do or die, boys. Step up. #PensIn7

<—I like this slightly old-school logo.

—- 2 —-

I finally got my haircut last Friday. It had been since September. So, it’s shorter, lighter, not nearly as psychotic – oh, okay, it’s just as psychotic as before – and I like it. Now it can grow out for another 6+ months, because I’m such a cheapskate that I simply refuse to get my haircut frequently.

—- 3 —-

I made some fantastic oatmeal peanut butter banana bars this week. A good way to use up a ripe banana that was just too mushy to eat on its own, plus, I love oatmeal. Also, peanut butter. Here’s the recipe if you’re intrigued!

And here’s the picture if you’re not tempted yet…

—- 4 —-

Yesterday I attended the #140cuse conference. You can search twitter for that hashtag, but there were 12k+ tweets, so it could be confusing. The wrap-up is that is focused on social media, new media, “the state of now”, and featured lots of different speakers/representatives. I met the co-creator of Reddit, social media team members from Wegmans, a school administrator from Canada…it was a definite mixed bag of people. My favorite presentation was probably the social media guy from MLB, who went through the history of Sept. 28, 2011, and how things went down on day 162 of the regular season last year. Very cool.

—- 5 —-

I’m done with this semester in about 10 days. They are going to be some very long days, indeed. Pray for my sanity! I’ve made it this far; I know I can finish.

—- 6 —-

I am somewhat last-minute-decidedly going to my cousin’s wedding next month. Because it’s so far away (South Carolina), I’ll be gone for almost an entire week. Not only will I get to see my parents again, but my sister, her husband, several aunts, uncles, many cousins, my grandmother… it’s basically a family reunion of sorts. Exciting! (And a lovely post-semester gift.)

—- 7 —-

I kinda miss Lent already, but I’m not entirely sure why. I just felt so very focused. Perhaps I need to come up with 40-day-at-a-time challenges for myself. There’s something about breaking things down into manageable pieces that makes it more motivating and, mentally, reinforces the idea that I can actually succeed. While I do try to “be the best version of [myself]” everyday, it’s more overwhelming some days than others… and life is just one heck of a long string of days, if we’re so fortunate. To be continued as I ponder more.

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