7QT: One Class Down, One To Go Edition.

—- 1 —-

Can you tell it’s almost the end of the semester? Fun times. (Half-sarcastic, half-realistic). Last night we had a 2-hour poster session/presentation for our team projects for IST 613 – Library Planning, Marketing, and Assessing. Here’s my team with our poster! (I’m the far left person, kinda obviously.) It went well, so yay.

—- 2 —-

Only 1.5ish assignments left in my other class this semester, IST 663 – Motivating 21st Century Learning. Yay. It’s all over soon!

—- 3 —-

I went to a talk today that some of the IT guys in my school were hosting/presenting on internet security. The take-aways (other than pizza and diet pepsi) were: hacking isn’t that difficult, don’t use Internet Explorer, and 1337 speak doesn’t count as a “safe password” anymore. Fun times!

—- 4 —-

34 degrees with snow flurries here today. Yep! 🙂 The person who wrote “it’s almost summer” on the whiteboard in my office five+ weeks ago is probably not quite so happy…

—- 5 —-

I’m looking for places to adventure to this summer, preferably not far away since I can barely afford to fill my tank as is. I pinned a picture of Buttermilk Falls in Ithaca yesterday on Pinterest, and 18ish people have repinned it. Either there are now spammers on Pinterest, or someone put it on the front page, or something. That’s just one of the places I’m considering!

—- 6 —-

One of my summer goals is to get to a Baltimore Orioles game at Camden Yards. There are entirely too many people in my life who I insist I see that ballpark, plus, they have this new hot dog that comes with a crab dip on top. I can deal with that. 🙂

—- 7 —-

I had a great conversation with the guy handing out free samples of organic dark chocolate ice cream at Wegmans today. Apparently the organic version is a bit smoother and less ‘dark’ than the non-organic dark chocolate ice cream. Who knew?! I admitted I kind of like the bitter taste of dark chocolate, because it’s kind of like coffee. He admitted it just a bit too bitter and while he didn’t particularly care about the organic aspect, their flavor was better. T’was a nice little debate. And free ice cream, which I never buy. Not a bad Friday conclusion.

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