7QT: Revel in the Good Things Edition.

As a reformed cynic, I take care not to backslide… cynical Marie isn’t the nicest of people. Trust me. Hence today’s theme!

—- 1 —-

Good Thing #1:
Baseball. I went to the Syracuse Chiefs game on Monday. Not only did they win (in resounding fashion, 12-4) but it was an event hosted by my employer as an end-of-semester thank you, so I didn’t have to pay for it. even better.

—- 2 —-

Good Thing #2:
Wegmans. (I’m a broken record on this, aren’t I?) I must admit that I was disheartened to see that they are no longer making Lemon fruit on the bottom nonfat yogurt (I have very particular tastes) but it’s also exciting when three of the very food items I needed happened to be on unadvertised sale this week. So there’s that! If you must know, I love their pierogies. And they were marked down even more than normal. Exciting!

—- 3 —-

Good Thing #3:
School is over! I submitted my last assignment of the semester on Wednesday. Grades won’t come out for a while, but I don’t even care. I’m off from intellectualism and scholarship until July 1. Yay!

—- 4 —-

Good Thing #4:
Coffee. (Really, how could I leave this out?) I love the community that coffee builds. There’s the group of people constantly wishing each other a good morning and a clink on twitter (shoutout to #TeamCoffee); there’s the conversation I have with my professor when we happen to ride the same shuttle to campus, travel mugs in hand; there’s the random 5 minute conversation I have about school-library-centric journals/magazines with the guy I’d never met before in the staff lounge, as we waited for a fresh pot to brew. Anyway. Coffee. It’s a really Good Thing.
Also, I submit this:
(image source: http://imgfave.com/view/1136557)

—- 5 —-

Good Thing #5:
The local library. Since school’s out, and I must do something while sipping my coffee throughout the day, I’ve got a big stack of novels and non-novels to peruse. I just picked up “A People of Hope”, which is a book written interview/conversation style with then-Archbishop Dolan. I plan to take it with me next week when I go on…

—- 6 —-

Good Thing #6:
Vacation. Books are great for sitting in airports, sitting on planes, and making sure that the random person sitting next to you doesn’t try to engage in conversation. I’m psyched for vacation. My cousin is getting married (yay, lifelong commitment!) and that’s created an opportunity to see many members of my extended family. Plus, I’ve never been to Charleston. Should be a fun adventure!

—- 7 —-

Good Thing #7:
Cooking/Baking. I was on a roll this week…though that was one of the few things I didn’t make. I just got into “use ALL the ingredients” mode and, among other things, ended up making yogurt scones, healthified raspberry cookie bars, my (in)famous molasses spice cookies, spinach lasagna rolls, baked chicken with jasmine rice… it was a good week to be in the kitchen. Unfortunately, I now have to restock a few things. The amount of molasses I use on a regular basis is ridiculous. I wish it came in gallon-size jars…
^ the afore-mentioned molasses cookies. noms. also, I am always willing to share so let me know if you want the recipe!

but enough of that. I’m outta here!

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