If God Had a Gmail Account

Tonight I had a somewhat weird revelation at Adoration. What if we talked with God like we talk to someone in a never ending email thread? What if we sent off one or two sentence messages every time we had a thought, question, request, thank you. And what if we came to expect a response every time we sent something off? What would it look like?

Would we have a specific label for those threads, for organization or priority purposes? Would we respond immediately, or think before reacting? Would we grow frustrated if a reply came back “can’t give you that answer yet” or, “you already know the answer to that. Stop pretending it’s going to change this time.”

Would we feel a bit more in tune with God and living our life in a certain way if we kept up the contact on a near constant basis? Instead of dashing off a “hi God, I’ve got 5 minutes so here’s the rundown of the major stuff, kthx” perhaps we’d spend a little more time contemplating and seeing him in the everyday events.

And what’s to say we can’t? Last i heard the Creator had all the time in the world to listen to the needs, wants, and thoughts of his creations.

So. Time to start up a gmail thread with God…? That’s the kind of blog you get when it’s 5 in the morning and I never went to sleep. I’m off on vacation, where more pondering is certain to happen. Keep the faith!

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