Trinity Sunday, and Discussions on Family.

As I sit here in my kitchen on a lovely (grey, drizzling) Sunday afternoon with a mug of iced coffee (being as it is the summer season), with tettrazini baking in the oven, I felt the pangs of blog-less guilt. You know, that feeling when you feel a wee bit neglectful of the internet presence that so many clamor for, yet you’ve ignored? Right. That.

Today is Trinity Sunday. Want to know which sections of the Scripture we read at Mass today? Here, go right ahead. Monsignor Yennock, who is on the short list of “awesome people I’ve met since moving to Upstate NY”, make the conscious decision to throw some hard-hitting Truth out there today. You know that moment where really bold statements are uttered by a priest and you see a few people squirming in the pews? That happened. Granted, small children have a tendency to squirm, but I think you get my drift. Monsignor chose to relate the community of love present in the Trinity to the community of love present in our families. T’was a most excellent homily. People clapped (I didn’t, because, well, I don’t clap in church, but still. People clapped).

Monsignor has a way of effectively saying “the Truth is always True, and sometimes it’s difficult to handle, but you were created with the ability to not only believe the Truth, but love the Truth. So let me throw the Truth at you, in case you’ve missed it, and then I’ll help you through the process”. And let’s face it: that’s what we want, and need, from our priests. That.

Anyway, my fun little takeaway from the homily was the following wrap-up statement:
“When people ask you, yet again, what the Catholic Church’s teachings on marriage and human sexuality are, show them a family portrait”. The Church is family, and we are family. Lovely.

Which segues nicely into my trip home last weekend, where we managed to capture a few decent family photos – my siblings and I, along with my parents, in the same room, for the first time in more than 4 years. How awesome is that? I had a most splendid time. I met my brand-new niece for the first time, and she stole my heart (much like her older brother stole my heart a few years back). We played a bunch of games, had *plenty* of coffeetalk, ate quite a bit, stayed up late and got up early, and enjoyed each other’s company. There are few things better than that.

So, in an effort to remind you (perhaps) of what family looks like – at least, my example of a family, which is (of course) imperfect as all of us are —  I present a few photos. 🙂

family photo.

Sister, Mom, Brother, Nana, Brother, moi, Brother, Dad.

Aunt Marie and niece Maria.

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