7 Quick Takes: “Everything Is Red or Read” Edition.

Take note of the title. And… go.

— 1 —

Since I’ve been back on my Nexium (praise you, purple pill), I’ve been slowly adding foods back into my diet in ‘test case’ scenarios. I am very happy to report that I can eat tomatoes again! Well, in very limited doses. However, it means that when I make my spinach lasagna rolls, I can actually put red sauce on them to keep them from being hard as rocks. This makes me incredibly happy. There’s still quite a few foods on the ‘never’ list, but tomatoes are now on the ‘maybe once a day and preferably before 6PM list’. Which also means I can eat pizza like a normal person! Presuming it doesn’t have any meat or onions on it, that is. I must say though, I’m fortunate in that no matter whether I’m medicated or not, I can consume coffee like an addict. Things would be a lot more tense, and a lot more tired, if not for my coffee.

— 2 —

Today was the Strawberry Fest on campus. There was a mini farmer’s market where individuals were selling their very ripe, very red strawberries, among other things. I got a big bowl of strawberry shortcake – fresh berries, over biscuits, with whipped cream – for free with my student ID. For the win! It helps that there are very few students around, for cost purposes, I suppose. Oh, by the way? It was delicious.

— 3 —

I earned my shortcake by participating in the “fun run”. It was 2.4 mi, and I managed it in 23:10, which I will take to the bank. I could have run faster, I know it, but I’m so bad at figuring out how to run a short race nowadays. My coworker ran it too, with the dog she’s house-sitting for the summer, and then we rejoiced with victorious Gatorade. And the shortcake. As a result, my face was incredibly red because that’s what I look like when I expend energy. Really appreciated my prof who said “Whoa, did you run? Because your face is SO red”. Yes…yes, that’s what happen. You should have seen me after my marathon – though truth be told, I was slightly white, due to being so tired/thirsty/energy-less.

— 4 —

Relatedly – newsflash – I have psoriasis. (Those of you who’ve never met me in person are absolved from your lack of knowledge on this, promise). If you’d like to learn more about this chronic condition, go to psoriasis.org and read up. It most certainly won’t hurt (unless you’re sensitive to photos of people with less-than-perfect physical presentation. And no, that isn’t snarky.) That said, the basic result of psoriasis – in my case, right now – is that my skin is red. It may or may not be obvious – depends how attuned you are to such things. Currently, I’m flaring and I have no idea why which is as frustrating as it sounds and yes, I’m aware of it. But allow me to issue a bit of a PSA because I was slightly seeing red today – just because it may be obvious doesn’t mean you get to cross boundaries. Like touching me. Whether it’s my face, knees, elbows, legs, wherever – yeah. Please don’t touch me so that you can ask, “are you okay”? Because you can assess that while keeping your hands to yourself, please. I have issues. (If someone you knew suddenly had very bad acne, would you feel up their face while asking if they were okay? That’s my point.)

— 5 —

Ahem. Moving on, I swear. My lovely little 4-year-old flip phone (with a lovely multi-piece red cover) is maybe starting to die the slow death. Since I’m obviously qualified for an upgrade, why haven’t I, you ask? Because my mother and I share a plan, and we’re still grandfathered into the one we had with Alltel (anyone else remember them?). the second we upgrade our phones, we have to get a Verizon plan. The comparable one costs more than we currently pay, and it’s not even really meeting our needs, so we’ll probably be switching to individual plans, and probably one of the no-contract type deals (anyone have Virgin Mobile, StraightTalk, or the like?) and… well, I’m not looking forward to the slightly-less-than-great service. However, it WILL be cheaper for both of us, so we may as well start transition soon. Perhaps when I go back to Ohio at the end of the month.

— 6 —

This week (on the 5th) my parents celebrated their 41st wedding anniversary. These are just two of my favorite pictures of them… Check out my mom’s awesome red hair (sadly, I only inherited something like half the gene, because mine is more brown with reddish tints). They’re my favorite parents ever, and I love them. They’ve taught me well, and continue to teach me. It’s a heck of an example to live up to.

 <–freshly married, no kids (yet). My mom rocks the plaid.

  <–still married, 5 kids and 1 grandkid at this point. (This was our Adventure West, 2 years ago. I took this photo as the sun set at the Grand Canyon, AZ.) Do take notice that my dad’s facial expression is nearly identical. Some things never change. 😉

— 7 —

Things I have read this week – “Dry: A Memoir”, by Augusten Burroughs. “How to Save A Life”, by Sara Zarr. “Amy and Roger’s Epic Detour”, by Morgan Matson. I am currently reading “The Irish Americans: A History”, by Jay Dolan. It’s basically about a bunch of people with red hair and freckles. It’s fascinating so far!

And with that… I’m outta here! I see an ice cream cone, a walk through the cemetery with my 15 minutes of silence and perhaps a Divine Mercy chaplet (see previous post for details on my new quest) , and a beer in my immediate future.

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    • Thank you for the comment! I love 7QT, so many thanks for hosting. It’s how I’ve met many of the lovely ladies of #CathSorority, as well. 🙂

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