7QT: Wait, It’s June 15th Already?! Edition.

— 1 —

To start, I’m writing this Thursday night (is that cheating?) and can I just say, this hasn’t been my week. Random unexpected chaos at work, weird sleep schedules or lack thereof, feeling vaguely/unidentifiably ill most of the time… not my week. I’ve been incredibly sleepy/fatigued and I’m not sure why – that’s not my usual MO. It throws me off my game. I took today off to recover and try to get a handle back on my usual self. Relatedly, I’m back to doing light therapy for my skin. Always a blast having an awkward sunburn when it was completely overcast and cloudy the day before.

— 2 —

On the upside: my holy hour was fantastic this week. Really, one of the best decisions I made, signing up for that. In related news, one of our two priests is leaving us. He’s having surgery (unspecified) and following his recovery will be transferred to a different parish (undisclosed). However, Monsignor is a most excellent priest, father, and preacher, so I’m not worried – it’s just that I’ll miss the variety.

— 3 —

I read The Hunger Games in less than a day this week. One of the assignments, if you will, for my summer course is to read all 3 books in the trilogy and then we’ll be having a twitter book club to discuss them. I got the paperback copy of the first book incredibly cheaply online, but books 2 and 3 only exist in hardback right now. I’m a big library proponent – y’all know this!Ā  – but they’re so popular that the odds of getting a copy in the next week are slim. So, I purchased both Catching Fire and Mockingjay last night. Stay tuned for next week’s QT, because I know they’ll both be done by then.

(Fact of the Day: My senior photo from high school is me, laying in the grass, reading a book. I have both overalls and pigtails. If I could find this photo somewhere on the interwebs, I’d share it with you at this very moment, but I can’t seem to locate it.)

EDITED* 6/17/12, 5:31PM—-

My mom just emailed me this. See above note for the description.

Instead, here’s an old photo (I happen to love inserting old photos wherever possible)Ā  in which I’m arguing with my brother that his bookshelf is poorly organized, and thus requires Librarianing (which is a verb, tyvm.) (Don’t ever let me cut my hair that short again, please.)

brother and sister, *discussing*, not arguing.

— 4 —

Anyone want to recommend some good but not too heavy spiritual books? I could use some. I tend to read things that are more like “the history of Catholicism” and they’re… dense. I really enjoyed Dolan’s “A People of Hope”, which is conversational and lighthearted while still touching on the big topics, so if anyone would like to recommend something similar, I beg of you – please do so in the comments. Thanks!

— 5 —

Five, did you say? Well, yes. Five months officially dating the boyfriend. Not only does he exist, but he’s a wonderful gentleman. So I don’t mind taking the space here to note that. šŸ™‚

— 6 —

Slight self-promotion: did you know I have another blog? Well, I do, and now you know! I write about my experience in library school (I’m pursuing my Master’s degree in library and information science with a specialization in school media at Syracuse University) over at intjME.wordpress.com – I also tweet as @intjME. Wondering why I chose 6 random letters? It’s actually my Myers-Briggs personality type – INTJ, meaning Introverted, iNtuitive, Thinking, Judging – and my initials, which happen to be ME. So if you’re interested at all in my thoughts/opinions/rants/raves/tales from that perspective, head on over and let me know what you think. Have a bad experience with librarians/the library before? Let me know about it. I’m trying to reinvent not only our idea of who a librarian is, or what a library is, but how they work with the world. šŸ™‚

— 7 —

Going camping this weekend with my sister and brother-in-law at an undisclosed Finger Lake. One of the benefits of being here in Upstate during the summer… so many lakes. Hopefully it’s not a million degrees, and hopefully it doesn’t pour rain. Anything in between those extremes will work for me! Love camping. Love the water. Gonna come back nice and sunburnt. šŸ˜‰

Thanks for stopping by this week!Ā  For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary! (And yes, that’s my twitter handle in QT#1. Talk about a lovely Friday. *squee*)

2 thoughts on “7QT: Wait, It’s June 15th Already?! Edition.

  1. I hope you have fun camping this weekend! And congrats on 5 months šŸ™‚
    Also, I love love love the Hunger Games. I finished them within a few days because I couldn’t put it down! The movie was pretty accurate to the book as well!

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