7QT: Legitimately Quick Edition.

Hey y’all. Pressed for time today/this morning/this week so, much like Mrs. Conversion Diary herself, it’ll be a legit quick takes. That is, if I can stop telling you about how quick they’re going to be. Wheeee!

— 1 —

Coffee: I’m drinking my coffee again, because I’ve finally adopted the habit of “put everything in the coffeepot the night before so you can press the brew button with your eyes closed on the way to stumbling into the shower”. Which is fabulous, because for 3 days in a row, the “I’M READY” beep has sounded as I stepped out of the shower. Heavenly, and caffeinated.

green travel coffee mug

Exact image of my 24oz Timmy’s travel mug. Excellently insulated.
(thanks to the blogger who uploaded the photo!)

— 2 —

Running: I’m training again, and trying to keep spirits up. It’s hot and summer and after training for a marathon all winter, I think I despise moving at any temperature above 40F. Our campus gym isn’t air-conditioned but it does prevent me from a sunburn, so there’s that. I’m signed up for a 10k at the end of July, a half-marathon in September, and maybe another marathon in October. Still sussing out whether the ol’ gal is up to it.

"There will be a day when I can no longer run. Today is not that day."

This is pretty much what gets me out the door. Realizing that someday I might not be able to, and I’ll want to, but today… I can, and so I shall.

— 3 —

Self-image: not something I talk about often, but I’ll just say this — when you’re running at the gym, sweltering, bright-red face, feel like you’re going to fall over, but keep going — you really stop caring what all those other people in the gym think. (I know I can’t be the only one who faces that at times). Seriously. Plus, when I’m running and super hot ALL my skin is red so my psoriasis just blends in with everything else, or something.

Speaking of which: Polka Dot Problems Tumblr, I love you. –> http://polkadotproblems.tumblr.com/

— 4 —

Librarianing: my favorite verb – it’s what I do. I just librarianed the heck out of the PA state parks website, doing research for where we might go for a big-family camping trip in Mid August. My only caveats were “have a lake for swimming” and no “rustic bathrooms”. A girl has to have standards, right?

— 5 —

Work: I volunteered to help with a conference here on campus this coming Monday. My favorite professor is giving the keynote, but I couldn’t afford to take the whole day off to attend, so I planned to crash her keynote and leave. Instead, I’m going to legitimately attend as a volunteer. It’s a conf on higher ed + the web, so… interesting, at least!

— 6 —

Faith/Catholicism: I went to Theology on Tap for the first time last night. I’ve lived here 10 months and finally made it! It was legitimately the first time I was able to attend (class conflicts during the school year). Not only did I meet someone I went to college with – we didn’t know each other, though – but I saw some of the same people from the Catholic center on campus. Hopefully I’ll be able to show up again. I did my typical “socially awkward introduction to people I’ve never met” and it went over just fine, so I have new Catholic nerd friends! Yay.

— 7 —

Prayer requests: my grandmother had surgery on Monday is recovering quite well, but an extra few would probably make it go faster, right? πŸ™‚ And of course, if you have any requests, throw ’em at me. I take a list – a written down list, because that’s the only way I remember – to my usual holy hour spot, along with Mass when I get there.

Annnnnnd boom. Quick indeed- that took a whole 7 minutes. Have a fantastic weekend, y’all.

For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary! <–because she’s really awesome. Thanks for hosting us!

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