7QT: One-Sentence Takes Edition.

I'm on vacation. Hope you weren't expecting much!

— 1 —

I’m in my hometown in Ohio for about a week-long period, drinking coffee with my mama and chatting with my dad, adventuring to baseball games and the drive-in with my sister-in-law, and seeing my doctors.

— 2 —

Speaking of which… shopping and a good seafood chowder is the necessary anti-dote for a morning spent at the doctor’s, mmhmm.

— 3 –

I now own glittery shoes with little black bows! 🙂

— 4 —

I’m researching high-school level historical fiction for a school project, so let me know if you have suggestions of appropriate books!

— 5 —

This version of “Somebody That I Used To Know” by Pentatonix officially tops the original in my book, and many thanks to Mrs. Conversion Diary for linking to it today.

— 6 —

My mom bought me an entire quart jar of molasses, so the infamous spicy molasses cookies WILL happen this week.

— 7 —

Dad says “oh, it’s just heat lightning” and 10 minutes later it’s raining, which reminds me that I love good thunderstorm in the Valley.

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Bonus Video Linkage!

This great footage of Bishop Fulton J Sheen when he was on the television/game show “What’s My Line”. Came across my twitter feed today – first person featured on “What’s My Line” to be declared venerable, I do believe. 😉

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