7QT: Yes, I’m Out of Town (Again) Edition.

— 1 —

Yes, you read the title right. Yet again this month, I’m out of town. At the rate I’ve been leaving Upstate NY, I should probably say I’m “not in town” instead. I’m attending the Smart Girl Summit conference in VA for 2 days, then spending time with the lovely family I have in the area. I’m blessed.

— 2 —

I ate crab cakes yesterday (thanks, boyfriend!). That is why I love the state of Maryland. And the Orioles won, too!

— 3 —

My summer class is going swimmingly. It’s focused on youth services, from pre-k to grade 12, whether in a school library or a public library that serves a community including youth – which, let’s face it, almost every public library does. The assignments are fun and are re-affirming why I’ve chosen this sort of graduate program. If I truly enjoy the work, that carries right over into my efforts, right? And I do enjoy it.

— 4 —

My friend Katie is sitting next to me live-sketching the conference proceedings with this super-cool drawing pad and stylus that are hooked up to her computer. I’m fairly tech-stupid, so allow me to say, it’s like magic watching a drawing appear on the screen.

— 5 —

I get to go to my first Orioles game next week!!1! I’m finally going to see Oriole Park at Camden Yards and I’m fairly excited. It’s just not the right kinda summer without baseball.

— 6 —

Speaking of which, lemon Fanta slurpees. Okay, I wasn’t speaking of them, but they exist in this part of the country, they’re fantabulously delicious and inexpensive, and they taste like an explosion of summer. True story.

— 7 —

And to conclude – because I’m rather quite hungry at the moment and thus food is consuming my thoughts – how many of you eat fluffernutter? It appears I’ve sparked a fluffernutter revolution of sorts, with at least 3 different people telling me they’ve tried it as a result of my fluffernutter-love tweets. What’s your version? I insist that my fluffernutter be on toast. It makes the peanut butter a little melty and keeps the bread from being too dough-ball-y.
And that concludes things here. Enjoy your weekend, folks! 🙂

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