7QT: Where I’ve Been & Where I’m Going Edition.

— 1 —

Y’all have probably figured out by now that I enjoy traveling. But let’s clear up a few things quickly, eh? I’m not rich. Heck, I’m a grad student with a part-time job. It’s just that I enjoy going to see my family as much as possible, so a sizeable portion of my budget goes to that. (This is why I have nothing delicious in my house right now. Downgrade the food budget, upsize the road trip budget, voila!) It’s amazing what one can accomplish with the proper attitude towards things – namely, making memories is worth way more than some trivial material item that I don’t really need.

This sums it up well. (Source: simplyhomemade.net)

green image that lists a variety of activities to do that 'make memories'

The number of these that can be done simultaneously is great. “Star-gaze, take a hike, go camping, go bird-watching, ride a bike, take a walk…” I love it. Now go make some memories.

— 2 —

I went to my first ever Baltimore Orioles game! It was pretty epic. We had great seats, thanks to a friend of my brother, and I wore my fabulous @SimplyAJ10 shirt. Sadly, there was a near comeback in the bottom of the 9th… emphasis on near indicates the reason for the ‘sadly’. Still, I was entertained (ARE YOU NOT ENTERTAINED?!) and ate some tasty food (oh hello, mac-n-cheese-and-crab-on-a-hot-dog) and saw some lovely things (diving catches! home ruuuuuuns!). And had fun. And made memories. (See how that works?)

— 3 —

I also made a memory of how much PennDOT incites me to anger whilst on my return trip. Shouldn’t have taken me 7 hours, but… it did. Because “construct ALL the roads” and “close ALL the lanes!” (Picture these in your head as memes for greater amusement value).

— 4 —

One of the coolest parts of my trip to the “cities and suburbs that surround our nation’s capital” was meeting up with a friend on Monday and going to the Library of Congress. First off, the LOC had been evacuated thanks to someone leaving an unattended package (d’oh! tourists.) and we had to sit around waiting to figure out how to get in. Thankfully, we chose the option of finding a Star$, gulping down some caffeinated beverages, discussing the complexities of life, and then trying to get back in. We were in luck! Not only did we get to explore a bit… we also took the time to fill out the forms and meet the lady and get our pictures taken so now I have a Library of Congress library card. As a librarian-in-training, this might be the nerdiest thing I’ve ever done. I’m entirely too proud of that piece of plastic, even if my picture is squashed and disproportional.

— 5 —

So now I’m back in the ‘Cuse for a little bit. Our newest library students are here this week for class and I stopped in to see their poster session projects. Interesting ideas – one team had created a felt board where you could create your own idea of a commons, by placing the furniture wherever you wanted, wheeee! – while others stuck to the more traditional. Good kids – most of them are older than me, but I call everyone kids – and we’re hanging out around a barbeque after work today, before they all return home to their ‘other lives’.

— 6 —

I’m running a race tomorrow morning! My sister and I decided to do something together, so I’ll be up early and driving over a bit yonder for a 10k. Wish us luck and hydration. Considering it’s July it’s probably not going to be the coolest of mornings. I’m not planning to PR – well, I’ve never run a 10k, so I guess I am planning to PR unofficially – but I do want to feel accomplished afterwards. Mainly so I can guilt-free indulge in good food. Mmmmmmm.

— 7 —

Next week I’ll be in town, staying at my apartment that I pay for, for all week. Well. At least Monday through Thursday. I have a four-day, all-day-long, class on campus that’s going to keep me tied down and my brain a bit occupied. After that though, no promises. Summer is the perfect time to adventure and I’m taking full advantage.

Happy travels, where’er life takes you this week! (And if you’re wondering why there isn’t a Catholic-centric QT this week, stay tuned for another upcoming blogpost.)

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