7QT: Just a Typical Upstate Kinda Day Edition.

— 1 —

I’m back! I know, I never seem to string together at least 3 7QT’s in a row. Well, life’s busy and such and all those other convenient excuses. For what it’s worth, I did at least say the words “It’s Friday! 7QT!” last weeks. That’s as far as I got, because….

— 2 —

I escaped Syracuse – a.k.a. “Typical Upstate Kinda Town” – on Friday and went to Rochester – a.k.a. “Other Typical Upstate Kinda Town With Slightly Better Industries”. And went to a museum of play. And played for 4 hours. I had fun! (Shocking, I know). There was a mini-Wegmans, which was super cool (even though I didn’t go in. Didn’t seem like it was for ‘big kids), and a recreated 123 Sesame Street (I sat on the stoop), and arcade games, and the Lorax was walking around, and I tried on Batman’s cape.

Look. I’m taller than Snuffie! Also, I’m real, and he’s painted on a wall.

— 3 —

In other nerdy things, visited The Eastman House. The boyfriend and I are both rather…well…nerdy. The guy had a really awesome house, complete with hidden doors, massive gardens and balconies, a library (swoon), and a gigantic elephant head on the wall. Also, he decided he didn’t like the look on his conservatory – yes the man had a conservatory, it was basically the house from the game of Clue – so he had them cut his house in half and roll it backwards 9 feet to alter the shape of the room. It’s an architectural marvel apparently.

— 4 —

BASEBALL. Well, it is summer after all – and baseball marks summer. So we went to see the not-really-Empire State Yankees play baseball at the Rochester Red Wings stadium… there’s some stadium-sharing going on this summer. They were playing the Indianapolis Indians (real creative) which are actually the baby Pirates so I recognized a few names. And I nearly got hit with a foul ball and I absolutely freaked out because I have no idea what you do in that situation. (Hint: apparently standing up and publically freaking out isn’t the answer. Go figure.)

— 5 —

And we managed to meet up with some friends in the area, go to Mass, have brunch, enjoy a leisurely drive through Upstate farmland – yes folks, there’s a whole bunch of farmland in New York – and get back to my Typical Upstate Kinda Town in a reasonable fashion. And I cooked tettrazini and molasses cookies. Wheee!

— 6 —

What are you reading this summer? I’ve already read quite a few great novels… I’m a book nerd. Also, I just wrapped up an entire grad school class on youth services, so a lot of is was centered on reading and reading motivation. I read the entire Hunger Games series… Delirium (Lauren Oliver)… Numbers and Chaos (Rachel Ward)… The Princesses of Iowa (M. Molly Backes)… and I just finished My Most Excellent Year (Steve Kluger) and Waiting (Carol Lynch Williams) this week. To be honest, there are more, but I don’t write down what I read (#LibrarianFail) so that’s the best I can do. Sometimes I retroactively post on Goodreads but I find their site so difficult to navigate and not intuitive. And lest you think I’m only able to read YA fiction, I just picked up some non-fiction yesterday – a cookbook or three, and a few books on the Church and spirituality and who knows what else. I’m a grab-that-book-off-the-shelf-yep-it-seems-alright kind of library user. I don’t make lists. Oops. Is that what you’re supposed to do? 🙂

Grab a cup of coffee – I have mine in hand while typing this, because it’s a skill I’ve cultivated over time–  and tell me what you’re reading. Or if you don’t read. I always find that fascinating. (Insert stereotype of a book-obsessed librarian here).

— 7 —

And yes, I just spent nearly my entire 7QT talking about last weekend. But to put it bluntly, which the only way I put things really, it hasn’t been that great of a week, so ‘t’is better to accentuate the positive. I’m looking forward to a “lazy weekend” at home doing just about nothing except reading, cleaning, and maybe running (see yesterday’s post to cover that topic). Oh, and Craigslisting! I’m hoping with the influx of new college students there may be some decent small furnishings for cheap. And we all know how I love a good bargain.

As always… For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary! <–the original 7QT-er! 🙂

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