7QT: A Day Early So Not Quite Official Edition.

I’m not going to be around for 7QT Friday this week. Again. (You have to wait for points 4 and 5 to learn why!) So this’ll have to suffice. But… ever have one of those weeks where it’s either moving way too fast or absolutely dragging and the ONE thing that needed to go right didn’t, but then all those other things you expected to go horribly went kinda well, but then there was that unexpected… yep. We’ve all been there. That was this week. Moving on.

Let’s sit and have a chat, shall we? Grab your coffee. (I’m currently staring at 3 coffee mugs on my work desk. I promise only one of them has coffee in it. I just verified that statement. Actually, let me refill. Alright, moving on.)

I read 4 books this week. What can I say, YA fiction is easy to read and sometimes I have free time on my hands. Usually I’m reading while dinner’s cooking, or I’m on the shuttle from north campus to south campus, or while walking the 1.5ish miles from north campus to south campus because I missed the shuttle and the summer schedule is awful… (editor’s note: reading while walking is dangerous if low-hanging/low-branched trees appear. Take caution.) The most memorable of the books I read was Lauren Myracle’s “Shine”. It’s intense and gritty, it’s not lighthearted whatsoever, and it’s written fairly well. (Whether I agree with the ideas/opinions expressed is completely unrelated.)

If I’m going to talk about reading, I should qualify something – the majority of the time I read for entertainment. I’m in grad school and I read a whole bunch for edification there, so the non-fiction I pick up for “fun” tends to be in the realm of history, Church history/theology, or cookbooks. Mmmmm, cookbooks.

I’m from a smalltown/rural area. You may have heard of Ohio? 😉 Or West Virginia, perhaps? Because where I’m from is right on the border of those two states. I just explained this to some new students in our school, recently arrived from India. It just so happens there’s a massive United States map in my office handy for such explanations! But to link back, I like books that recognize there are non-cities in America. “Shine” was set in the backwoods and I could appreciate that.

Speaking of the woods… (look at that beautiful segue)… I’m headed there once I wrap up work for the day. Happiness! So if you want to reach me, good luck. I’ll be in a state park in a state forest somewhere in a state that isn’t New York. And a good chunk of the fam will be there! Which means games and coffee talk and campfires and who all knows what.

Can I just devote this to the camping trip also? Because I’ve been looking forward to it for quite some time. It deserves more attention.

How ’bout that Solemnity of the Assumption of Mary this week, eh, Team Catholic? I’m actually a fan of the midweek holy day of obligation. I know that this is one day that isn’t ever abrogated (as far as I know), but it’s not a bad thing to go to Mass during the middle of the week. It almost always serves as an attitude adjustment/pick-me-up and usually (read: ninety nine percent of the time), I need that. Monsignor’s homily for the feast day was intensely good, as they usually are. He’s one of the best parts of living here in Upstate; I found a great parish right in my neighborhood!

I particularly liked this piece from Pope Benedict XVI’s homily on the Assumption, way back in 2005. Yes, I sometimes scroll through the Vatican archives…

The Feast of the Assumption is a day of joy. God has won. Love has won. It has won life. Love has shown that it is stronger than death, that God possesses the true strength and that his strength is goodness and love. …

In the Gospel we heard the Magnificat, that great poem inspired by the Holy Spirit that came from Mary’s lips, indeed, from Mary’s heart. This marvellous canticle mirrors the entire soul, the entire personality of Mary. We can say that this hymn of hers is a portrait of Mary, a true icon in which we can see her exactly as she is. I would like to highlight only two points in this great canticle.

It begins with the word “Magnificat”: my soul “magnifies” the Lord, that is, “proclaims the greatness” of the Lord. Mary wanted God to be great in the world, great in her life and present among us all. She was not afraid that God might be a “rival” in our life, that with his greatness he might encroach on our freedom, our vital space. She knew that if God is great, we too are great. Our life is not oppressed but raised and expanded: it is precisely then that it becomes great in the splendour of God.

The Orioles are the first team in the wild card race in the AL right now. So that’s pretty awesome. Also, concise and a good way to wrap up.
Happy almost weekend, y’all. 🙂

One thought on “7QT: A Day Early So Not Quite Official Edition.

  1. My husband’s first two parishes were in rural Minnesota and Montana. (Montana, by nature, is a rural state with the exception of Great Falls, Missoula, Billings, and Bozeman.) It’s hard to explain to people where I used to live because the first thing people think of when they hear “Minnesota” is the Twin Cities and well… Montana is a whole lot of flyover state. I loved it though and I seriously miss Montana.

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