Quick fun with Tagxedo

I was playing around with Tagxedo, in response to a statistics post that my friends over at Gormogons did. I encourage anyone who likes Wordle to experiment with Tagxedo instead – you have much more control over what happens. I wanted my politically-papisty-pals to see just how great their word clouds could be, so I made this one for them. It’s very America-themed, can you tell? 😉

A whited-out silhouette of the United States of America, surrounded by red white and blue words of varying sizes that are pulled from the content of their blog.

Then I thought, why not create one for my blog?

So, as of today, my most used 250 words on this blog — which kinda sums up ‘what is that girl blathering on about again’, in a prettier form. 🙂

coffetalk tagxedo

A coffee cup made of words of varying size, in green and orange hues, pulled from the content of my blog, on a dark green background.

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