7QT: Camping, Sisters at the State Fair, And More! Edition.

— 1 —

Remember how last week I posted a day early ’cause I was headed out to The Woods with the fam for respite, relaxation, running, and ridiculous amounts of fun (and coffee. That percolator was working overtime.)? Well. I did. It was fantabulous and exactly what I needed to get my mental health to an acceptable level for the start of yet another school semester. I haven’t uploaded/posted my photos from the trip yet, but I dislike word-heavy-photoless-posts, so here’s one my dad took. It also counts as an exercise in humility, ’cause it sure isn’t a “look, I’m smiling and standing at an appropriate angle!” photo.

Mom and I did a lot of the cooking on the trip. Well, Mom cooked a lot and I assisted as needed because I like cooking. This was the precise moment where Mom discovered there was a baby-sized red pepper INSIDE of the red pepper we were cutting. Can red peppers grow embryonic baby peppers? ‘Cause that’s what it looked like.

— 2 —

The state park had a very nice lake, which was fed from springs from the lake. So it wasn’t real warm. (Truth: it was probably around 60*.) The funniest part was my nephew kept saying “it’s not cold, it’s WARM”, at which point I turned to my brother and said something to the effect of, “dearest brother, your son is a bit delusional.” Because it was not warm. But we walked around in it a bit anyway. Do you burn extra calories in cold water? Gosh, I hope so. That would help make up for all the smores…

I really don’t comprehend how nephew thought the water was warm. However, we tolerated it… up to a point. I made it to just above the kneecaps before going completely numb. Photo is of self, nephew, brother, and Mom (who is also known as Grandma).

— 3 —

Can I plug the blogpost I wrote about the homily we heard on Sunday here? I’m going to, shamelessly. If you didn’t catch it, please do… I’m interested to hear what others may think, #TeamCatholic or otherwise!

— 4 —

It was move in day on Wednesday for all the new freshman and transfer students at SU. I came in to work and realized it not longer after… and managed to skedaddle from campus earlier than usual. It pretty much devolves into chaos on move-in day (or really, the entire week) and while free food is sometimes found (we grad students are downright scavengers) the stress and filled-more-than-capacity parking lots is a bit much. Especially if you don’t want to stress out about school starting soon. Which it is. SO… I took half the day, went home early, and…

— 5 —

tried out a new recipe. for peanut butter/banana baked oatmeal. Minimal amount of peanut butter but enough to get the taste, mashed banana for your daily potassium needs, a little bit of applesauce (because I can), and 6 chocolate chips on top of each. And they check in at…fairly healthy for breakfast purposes. WHEEEEEE! If you’ve never checked out Chocolate Covered Katie, you really must. Vegan (if you’re into that) delicious recipes, which most of the time are very healthy or able to be more healthified. <–new vocab word. Get on that, Merriam-Webster.

— 6 —

I also used my half-day off to go for a “long run”. Oh, it was awful. The sun was in full force (I thought it said ‘partly cloudy’, must have been ‘fully sunny’, oops) and 80+ degrees. As a Type I in regards to complexion, I not only burn easily, but I’m kinda easy to get heatstroke/sunstroke/whatever. Basically, being in the sun is downright awful for me. So I spent 3 hours outside. Regretful.

This is a map of where I ran. Basically, I circled the Syracuse airport. Fun stuff: a plane flew in for a landing and wasn’t more than about 300 ft above my head.

I ached all over, as one would expect. On one hand I’m proud of it; on the other I’m sad because I’m weaker than I used to be, and this whole not-quite-sure-what’s-wrong-with-my-internal-organs thing is getting annoying, especially when it flares while I’m trying to be productive. Sigh. I have a half-marathon in just about a month, so…crunch time, GO.

— 7 —

Do you know where I was last night? The NY State Fair with my sister! We had a blast. I won free tickets to the concert in the grandstand… which we skipped ’cause we didn’t particularly like the bands playing. Instead we saw all the animals, including llamas doing the limbo, and tried out lots of “fair food”, and danced in the streets to Neon Trees. Plus, if you walk while eating, the calories magically disappear, right? Right! Expect a photopost this week once I finally get around to uploading… whenever that happens.

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5 thoughts on “7QT: Camping, Sisters at the State Fair, And More! Edition.

  1. When’s your half? Mines sept 29. I’m terrified. But good for you that you ran that much! I kinda failed this week..

    • Sept. 23! Eeeeeek. (I ran a marathon in March but I’m more freaked for this half, because I just don’t feel as trained.)

      • Good for you girl haha.
        I’m freaking out because I haven’t run more than 5 miles yet.. ugh. I’m planning on walking/running it anyway though. And since I’ve lost my training partner I’m even less motivated..

      • you’d be amazed how far you can take yourself with a walk/run schedule. My sister tends to use that for all her longer races… a good recommendation is 3/1. (Run/jog 3 minutes, walk 1, etc.) You’ll be able to do it! I’ll be a long distance motivator if you need one. 🙂

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