7QT: In anticipation of a fun weekend at the lake edition!

— 1 —

These will be super quick to the best of my ability, because I have a lot of work to get done today so that I can leave and head over to my grandmother’s lakehouse for the weekend. There are going to be a lot of us. (That happens when your immediate family includes 2 parents, 4 siblings, 3 siblings-in-law, 2 kids, and a granddog. And all but 1 of those characters will be there!)

— 2 —

I’m hosting a visitor to campus today, which basically means I arrange their trip, set them up to meet with various important people, and give them a tour of our school along with an informal chat about life here. Because my visitor’s coming in the middle of the day, I get to treat them to lunch (for which I am reimbursed, thankfully), which really allows for a “so let’s just talk about life” conversation. To be honest, it’s one of my favorite parts of my job.

— 3 —

I’m having a horrific week in terms of sinuses… I barely slept last night because my throat was on fire. 😦 Ick. So if you have extra prayers today and this weekend, I’d appreciate if you’d throw one my way, or my fun weekend at the lake may…not be as fun as I hope. Merci!

— 4 —

What did I do last night, other than packing, doing dishes for almost an hour, and a load of laundry? I made my (in)famous molasses spice cookies. One hundred and nine of them.

I stacked them in piles of 6 for easy counting. Final count: 109 crisp molasses cookies. Noms.

— 5 —

Yesterday I had the day off from work, so I spent the first half of the day alternating between drinking coffee and schoolwork. (I actually got a writing task done yesterday that wasn’t due til Sunday, which is good, since I’m internet-free at the lake). I managed to go on a Craigslist Adventure! Here, this photo sums up my success story.

Jimmy rig a Honda Accord: check. Before photo of lonely 1 chair: check. After photo of 2 matching chairs and ottoman: success!

— 6 —

I shall take this moment to give a little Craigslist advice, if you’re a newbie.
1) Don’t give away your full name unless you absolutely need to. (I managed to buy all that without doing so.) Just because, I’m kind of a privacy freak about things.
2) If you’re given an address to go to, Google Maps/street view it. Check out the neighborhood and make sure you know which building is the one you’re going to. If you feel uncomfortable going to wherever it is, especially if you’re alone, ask if there’s a neutral location (e.g., shopping mall parking lot, etc.) if you’re looking for small items.
3) Take a friend if you can. Not only for safety but more because if you’re buying something decently large, you’re gonna have trouble doing it all on your own!
4) BUNGEE STRAPS. I don’t know where mine are; apparently I didn’t put them back in the trunk after I bought a desk (via Craigslist) a while back, but I did have a different kind of strap that worked in a pinch yesterday, to hold the trunk down.
5) Take cash, unless it’s a really big purchase; have exact change, because they might not. (And don’t be afraid to haggle a bit if you think the price is ridiculous. After all, it’s only a bargain if YOU and your budget think it’s a bargain.)

— 7 —

In closing, a twitter friend posted this photo last week. It still makes me laugh. 🙂
Have a great weekend, y’all.

“A Practicing Catholic and an Observant Jew”
(photo is of Catholic priest, seated at the piano, with Jewish man depicted standing looking over his shoulder)

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