7QT: Chock Full o’ Words and Pictures Edition!

— 1 —

I really don’t have much to say this week that’ll be meaningful to anyone other than…well, me… but oddly enough I’ve decided that’s a reason to talk all about words. We had an interesting discussion in class this week (note: “interesting” because I’m a meganerd) about synonyms and near synonyms. Par example: are “hot tub”, “jacuzzi”, and “whirlpool” synonyms? Maybe… but wait. When I think hot tub, I think of the giant fiberglass thing in my parent’s basement. When I think jacuzzi, I tend to picture it in a overly grandiose, HGTV-style “master bathroom”. And when I think whirlpool, my first thought is of those big metal tubs athletes lay in to work out the kinks in their muscles. So are they really synonyms? Ponder that for a hot second! (Or don’t. I assure you I’ve pondered it enough.)

— 2 —

Now that you’ve decided to skim the rest of these, lest I go a bit off the deep end: a pretty picture! Psalm 61 is one of my favorites. Is there ever a time in life when you stop needing to hear those words?  (source of image here)

“when my heart is overwhelmed, lead me to The Rock that is higher than I”. Psalm 61:2

— 3 —

And sometimes we need to see the words in such a way that only an image can make truly come to life.
(source here)

Silhouetted image of a man standing in front of an ocean sunrise. “God cannot give us a happiness and peace outside of himself, because it is not there. There is no such thing.” -CS Lewis

— 4 —

Let’s face it: any CS Lewis quote, pretty much, is going to make you stop…reflect…possibly cringe…and rethink how you do life. But not all the words that touch us are spiritual, or aimed at the betterment of our souls. Sometimes we just need a little extra motivation.
(source here)

inspirational message about running – “i run because i can”.

— 5 —

And words are OBVIOUSLY able to convey humor, and joy, and happiness, and all that jazz too.
And obviously it’s even better when it’s about my drug of choice, coffee.
(source here)

“You haven’t had enough coffee until you can thread a sewing machine while it’s running!”

And let’s face it – anything that mentions an AIM away message is going to make us millenials, and perhaps gen Y-ers (or are you X-ers? I don’t even know anymore) burst into laughter.

Nobody cares you’re “at the gym” or “taking a shower”. This is Facebook, not your AIM away message from 1998.

— 6 —

And then there’s that super-cool moment when you realize art has been made out of material things which are used to contain words. And now the words have reached a new purpose! (source here)

books, stacked in such a way as to create the image of a person sitting.

— 7 —

So what’s the thought of the day? I don’t have one. Just thought I’d expose just how out-of-control my brain is some days. And just, to conclude things… sometimes words aren’t necessary.

lake photo.

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