#7QT: In which I talk solely about Fall and Upstate Edition.

— 1 —

What is Upstate, you say? Well, it’s anything that isn’t NYC or Long Island. No, really – ask someone from the LI where Westchester is. Totally Upstate. Now, if you’re from Buffalo, you may think you’re from Western NY. And you are. But to everyone else… well, you’re from Upstate.  Now, why are we Upstaters so particular about denoting that we are from Upstate? Because I guarantee that 3 out of every 5 people who hear the statement “yeah, I’m moving to NY” picture Broadway, bright lights, and itty bitty apartments that cost millions. And when you say, “no, actually, I’m moving to Syracuse” the follow-up question is usually “so where’s that?” and the simple answer, my friends… upstate.

— 2 —

Maybe you’re wondering what Upstate looks like  – you’ve never been to this forsaken land that isn’t a spit of island near New Jersey. Well, here’s one example… taken by my brother-in-law, who has become quite the photographer. Believe it or not, this photo was taken at night. When it was dark out. Somehow he got the light to do funny things. Cool, eh?

Photo of the hills behind Canadarago Lake, sunshine reflection, and some tree-ish stuff.

— 3 —

One of my favorite parts of an Upstate fall: the trees. We have quite the foliage up here – and the leaves change all manner of colors, falling to the ground and covering the roadways, and let me just say that there is never a better time to drive the NY Thruway (aka I-90) than in the fall. Beautiful.

— 4 —

This isn’t I-90, this is I-81, which goes straight through upstate. But there’s another great thing about Upstate: it’s kinda central to lots of places. So I can head south and see the fam in central PA, or further south to see the fam in DC, or hang a westward turn and see the fam in Ohio, and none of those trips take more than 7 hours in a car. So it’s really not that atrociously located.

A random, late-evening photo taken while driving on I-81, which runs North-South through Upstate.

— 5—

This photo purely to prove that some days, going to campus is worth it… because the trees are all bright red and pretty and the sky is actually bright blue.

Photo of the iSchool at SU, complete with bright red trees and spindly leaf-less trees lining the walk.

— 6 —

This weekend I’m headed a bit westward. The plan is (hopefully) for sister and brother-in-law and I to go apple picking. Which is a whole bunch of fun, and a pretty common Upstate fall activity considering we have a lot of orchards. If you’re not into apples (whaaaaaat?) you should also know that Upstate has quite a few wineries and breweries. I haven’t hit up a vineyard yet, but I did just recently tour the Ommegang brewery, where they make all Belgian-style beers. I highly recommend it – stick around for a tasting.

— 7 —

Life’s been rather busy lately (to be expected). I started my fieldwork at a city elementary school – fun times! – and I’ve got a few assignments for grad school in the pipeline (some more complete than others). This Sunday I’m running (a.k.a., trying to run and maybe having to walk some but not really caring at this point) the Rochester Half-Marathon. Brother and sister are also participating. Wish us luck, and pray none of us does something silly like trip over a non-existent sidewalk and break a knee. Note: if any one of us did that, the 99% odds are it would be me.

Have a fabulous Fall weekend! Go see some changing leaves, take a walk in the park, pick some apples, drink a pumpkin coffee, try the caramel apple bagel from Tim Hortons (it’s fantastic).
Do something autumnal! 🙂

As always, go see what Jen and others are up to! –> For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

7 thoughts on “#7QT: In which I talk solely about Fall and Upstate Edition.

    • for what it’s worth, I’ve only been to NYC once – and that was for 2 days! But I’m a country girl from rural(ish) Ohio — Upstate living suits me much better. 🙂 Thanks for visiting!

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  2. I lived in Syracuse for a couple years; my husband and I love it up there. Especially the cost of living vs South Jersey where we currently reside. But I did way to many late night drives on I-81. Those long miles between Northern PA and Binghamton, then the stretch from Binghamton to Syracuse. I don’t know how many times I almost fell asleep. (It was my fear of hitting a deer that always kept me going.) Hands down, best autumns anywhere are in Upstate though.

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