#7QT: Mish Mosh Mash of the Usual Topics Edition.

Let’s face it. I tend to discuss the same subjects on my blog. It seems people appreciate a little organization to things. For example, on Catholic CoffeeTalk one would hope not to find discussions of Baha’i and fan girliness over spiced tea. Right? Right. So I do believe, dear reader, whoever you are (Hi Mom and Dad!), you’re probably alright if I spend a few moments focusing on my topics of choice (see below!). If that sounds mundane, well… I guess my life is mundane. (FACT: I don’t think my life is all that mundane). So here goes!

— 1 —

I’m typing this in the dark. Truly. It’s been a bit of a hectic week, and my office at work is currently moving from the 2nd floor the 1st floor. They keep changing the date of the move when they tell us, but the odds were still decent that it was either today or Monday. Since I’m going to be at the elementary school tomorrow, I got to permission to just work a few hours from home today to avoid the chaos (If it goes down). So I have yet to get out of bed. A lie-in is a very nice thing some days. (Corollary: my sinuses are a mess this morning; made it a very easy decision.)

— 2 —

What did I do last weekend? Rack your brains.. oh, right! I ran a half-marathon with my brother and sister. It was a decently enjoyable time. It was a chilly start (think low-40 degrees) but the course was fair and we started super early (7:45 AM) which I prefer. Admittedly, the Wegmans pizza party we all had as a family afterwards, followed by hours and hours of football watching, was what made it a fun day.

Here’s the medal for finishing the race! Note the actual medal part says “Marathon” but the lanyard/ribbon says “Half Marathon”. Not bad, though. It looks nice hanging next to my Shamrock medal. πŸ˜‰

So we didn’t manage to take pictures of ourselves before OR after the race. Fail. So this is me once we got home and I stopped shivering (my body went into this crazy shock thing that it does when your pores are all clogged with sweat. very fun. not.)

And while you’re here and while we’re discussing running – my friend and fellow #cathsorority member, Emily, is running her first half-marathon TOMORROW. She’s kinda nervous, as we all should be, especially since she got a bit sick this week. Why not go over to her #7QT post and give her encouragement and/or prayers for strength! Gooooooo Emily!

— 3 —

Okay, I must confess something. I’m no longer in the dark. I decided there was absolutely zero point in being awake on a Friday morning if there wasn’t coffee. So I climbed out of bed to make the java, and lo and behold, am now sitting at the kitchen table (im)patiently waiting. While we’re here, let’s talk coffee — your favorite roast? Do you buy it ground, or do you have a bean grinder? An awesome friend of mine actually got me a bean grinder a while back. It’s great because the house smells like fresh coffee every morning and I love that smell. It makes the shopping a little different, though, as I can’t just buy the cheapest jug o’ coffee I see on the shelf! So I’ve been trying out different beans (granted, they’re all in the “cheap coffee beans” section, but what ya gonna do?) I think it’s almost done!

— 4 —

This week God’s been kinda hitting me over the head. In a really nice, kind, “this is God, so pay attention way”. Ever have one of those weeks? Earlier this week I shared a story from adoration. Then it seemed like every piece I read that was even vaguely faith-based had a wake-up call inherent to it. My favorite Catholic-y pieces of writing this week that I recommend to you:

— 5 —

Not going to lie, Cardinal Dolan really got me thinking with his piece on repentance. He’s very kind in his words: he doesn’t say, “hey you! Blatant sinner! Do these thing!” and he doesn’t condemn the church for becoming a little less repentance-focused over the years. What he does is lay it out – and conclude with “The how we respond might change; that we do penance cannot change.” It definitely had made me think. I’ve been trying to reinstate meatless Fridays every day of the year, and occasionally I forget, but let’s face it – that’s something I can do. (Of course, then he says something like this: “Fasting on the vigil of holy days, so we could feast all the better on the day itself” and my stomach immediately starts grumbling and gurgling like it knows unhappy days ahead. We’ll see about that one…)

— 6 —

Where was I last night? Why, at St. Daniel of course! We’re going through episodes 6-10 of the Catholicism dvd series done by Fr. Robert Barron and Word on Fire ministries. If you want to know more about it, there’s a whole website, but beware – autoplaying video. The videos present Truth, but do so in such a way as to make obvious the beauty inherent in Truth. The cinematography is…fabulous. They take you to Uganda, India, Brazil, France, Italy… all the while teaching but with words that most can understand. I can’t really recommend it enough. Last night we followed up with a Catholic CoffeeTalk discussion. I convinced a few people I’d never met before to look up Walker Percy and Flannery O’Connor. I found out about this awesome place in NYC called The Cloisters… which I just may try to visit before the year’s up. I made new friends! (Granted, they’re my mom’s age. But does it look like I care?) And then some guy I’ve never met told me I should be a confirmation teacher. Immediate reaction was something like this:

Pug-looking dog giving a serious “what did you just say?” face.

But seriously. That made me think. Let’s move on quickly, shall we?

— 7 —

Last QuickTake is amusement-related. There’s this television show that’s apparently in its 4th season. I happened to catch the season premiere on Hulu while doing the dishes – Patricia Heaton is in it, it’s called “The Middle”. One episode had me busting a gut – it’s my kind of humor, it’s Midwest-ern-y and reminds me of home, the characters are…amusing. Suffice to say I think I’m going to try to watch this on a regular basis. It’s one of those shows you can watch and not feel guilty after! Pretty much everything else on television, I’m talking to you. Anyway. Favorite quote from the episode, which I posted on twitter:

And that’s the end of the post, my friends! As always, for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!
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4 thoughts on “#7QT: Mish Mosh Mash of the Usual Topics Edition.

  1. Way to finish your race. I might be slightly freaking out about tomorrow and the freezing 7am start.
    Look how much you’re blogging lately πŸ˜‰

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