#7QT: It’s October?! Already?!! Edition.

Thanks to Jen for hosting! As always… For more Quick Takes (and there are LOTS)…  visit Conversion Diary!

— 1 —

How is it even October?! That crept up way too fast. Poor September, you will be missed. I’m looking forward to this month (good thing since we’re already 5 days into it, eh?) but I just tend to have one of those brains that goes October means November is soon and the December and then ohmygoshthesemesterisalmostover?! So. Trying not to do that this time. After all, I’m busy this month! Must. Keep. Focus. I’m here this weekend, in Baltimore/DC next weekend to see the fam, see the boyfriend, and “run” a half marathon (worst idea ever). The following weekend my best pal from Ohio is *probably* visiting…and the following weekend we have a major event going on at school that I will be attending as an employee all day Saturday. Including giving a 5-minute flash talk on my graduate program that’s engaging and interesting to prospective students. Which means I should probably, you know, make that presentation at some point… ack! Must. Keep. Focus.
While I’m here in take #1, before you snooze off around take #4, may I say thank you to everyone who has been praying for my Nana. She fell over the weekend and broke the top of her femur near the hip joint. She had surgery on Tuesday to repair it that appears to have been successful…and yesterday she got up out of her hospital bed and was walking. GO NANA. It’s probably still a long recovery from here so please keep up the prayers. Thanks again! I’m sure when I get home to see her at Thanksgiving she’ll be running circles around me. 😉

This was taken in May, when all of us kids were together at the ol’ homestead. Nana has 5 grandkids (us) and 2 great-grandkids!

— 2 —

Grad school, fad schmool. That’s not to say I’m burnt out or anything although I’m pretty burnt out. I’ve got 3 classes this semester, 2 of which I really like and 1 of which I’ve just decided to truck through and try to take something meaningful out of it. I kind of hate when that happens. But I learned quickly that I have a very different natural learning style from what my professor is teaching to, so it’s a double challenge in that it’s all new material and my brain is working overtime to process it the way it’s presented. On the upside, 2 out of 3 isn’t bad, and the other 2 are so interesting and brand-new that it’s fun. 🙂

— 3 —

I’m really liking my fieldwork placement elementary school. It’s out of my comfort zone because it’s elementary – I prefer students I can just go hyperlogical on, and that doesn’t quite work with 7 year olds… but the librarian who’s hosting me is being really accommodating. Giving me different projects to work on, not making me shelve books for hours on end, letting me interact with the students on whatever level works… it’s challenging but fun. The most frustrating part is constantly running into bureaucracy and the like. Argh.

— 4 —

Because it’s October, and fall, (funny how those happen coincidentally), I’ve been on an apple kick. Not quite as bad as last year, when I had just moved to Upstate, but there are also smaller yields this year due to the weird weather season. That said, I’m probably going to the grocery this evening solely to get more apples. Usually I just do baked apples with a light oats-and-brown-sugar topping, nothing overly fancy. Perhaps this time I’ll aim for a cobbler? Skinnytaste has an apple cobbler recipe that looks great, and I think I could adapt it, since I don’t have ramekins. (Note to self: get ramekins!)  If you’re into the “tastes of fall”, here’s the page where she’s accumulated all the fall recipes! Happy eating.

— 5 —

So it would appear that almost everyone I know is obsessed with pumpkin-flavored drinks. Pumpkin frapps (whatever those are), pumpkin lattes (never had one of those either…), pumpkin milkshakes (do those exist)? I don’t think I realized HOW crazed the pumpkin-beverage world is. That said, the only pumpkin beverage I’ve really consumed any time in the past few years is a pumpkin beer… and I’m not a big fan. This time of year I’d rather have an Octoberfest brew. So tell me, oh drinkers of the pumpkin… what IS it about the pumpkin beverages? I’m puzzled.
Sidenote: my favorite fall not-made-at-home treat is the pumpkin spice muffin at Timmy Ho’s. OH HOW GLORIOUS IT IS.

— 6 —

Speaking of pumpkins – look how cute these templates are for carving pumpkins! If you clicked the link you already know they’re Orioles pumpkins. The boyfriend sent the link. I think they’re fantastic. However, I do not have a pumpkin which I could carve… and it’s been pointed out to me by afore-mentioned adult that… I live alone (true) and I’m likely to injure myself (sadly, also true). I put a nice slice in my index finger the other day working on my apples, and serrated blades make the skin unhappy. So, will someone who can yield a knife properly come over so we can make Orioles pumpkins, please? I mean, they did make it to the postseason for the first time in approximately ages. GO Birds!

Oriole Park at Camden Yards – where the orange birds play their home games in Baltimore! Also, that’s the warehouse that I will run past as I struggle-trip-stumble my way to the finish line next weekend.

— 7 —

Some of my favorite Catholic bloggers write for Patheos Catholic, which is managed by The Ever-Awesome Anchoress. (Follow her on twitter; you won’t regret it. Except when the Yankees are playing.) If you’re looking for something to read that’s succinct but spiritually enriching, try taking a scroll through the blogs hosted by the Catholic channel. There are a LOT. I read almost everything that Public Catholic (@oklabecca) writes, because I find her role within politics as a practicing Catholic intriguing, not to mention her writing style just kinda matches my reading style. So go for it – find new writers who you enjoy reading, who can have a positive benefit upon your life! The link I posted yesterday to this fascinating write-up of Ven. Fulton Sheen’s background is also by a Patheos writer. See all the good stuff? Go. And follow @PatheosCatholic on twitter, so that you don’t miss stuff – honestly, that’s how I see probably 90% of what I read on the site. It’s like the lazy man’s RSS feed, and I’m thankful for it.

And I know that was incredibly verbose so if you stayed ’til the end… thanks! Have a fabulous day. 🙂

5 thoughts on “#7QT: It’s October?! Already?!! Edition.

  1. Your posting frequency is amazing me. Good luck at your half! And you are officially crazy for doing 2 so close together 🙂
    I love pumpkin pie, but that’s about it. I like caramel apple spice from starbucks though. Mmmmm.

    • it’s probably just a sign that school is slow right now…and this weekend is going to be crazy busy with research so expect to not see me at all. 😛

      And yes, I am crazy. It’s going to hurt, and Baltimore is known for being super hilly. I’m planning on “if I finish I will have won”.

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