7QT: The Orioles Are Still In It Edition!

Editor’s note: typed from a couch after midnight. Very tired. Very quick. Live-blogging of a baseball game.

— 1 —

I went into work early this morning, had an absolutely crazy day, and then managed to escape/leave/quickly exit the building by 12:30.

— 2 —

At which point I hopped in my car and started driving. 360ish miles planned to my first destination.

— 3 —

The best part of road-tripping southward: SHEEEEEEETZ in PA. My first (and only) stop of the entire road trip was in Clarks Summit to fill up my tank, get a Schmuffin, hashbrown, and x-large coffee, and utilize the facilities. Yay, coffee.

— 4 —

Mark Teixiera just struck out for the first out in the bottom of the thirteenth inning in this baseball game. It’s 12:06 a.m. We’ve been listening to this game since I walked in the door this evening…

— 5 —

because did I mention where I am? Maryland! So of course I’m cheering the Orioles. Hanging out with brother, sister-in-law, and niece and nephew. (PS – we just got the second out!!!1!) Races in B’more this weekend.

— 6 —

Also I’ll be spending some time with the boyfriend. He’s also an Orioles fan so let’s face it – when we pull out this win, EVERYONE will be happy. Trust me.
Here’s us at a baseball game earlier this summer. I don’t know why my eyes are all squinty. Sigh.

girl and boy in generic orioles gear at a generic baseball stadium.

— 7 —

Orioles win it in the 13th inning! Ladies and gents, we WILL see a 5 game series for the ALDS!

On that VERY HAPPY NOTE, I’m outta here kids. 🙂

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2 thoughts on “7QT: The Orioles Are Still In It Edition!

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  2. Wooooo. My dad is currently in Baltimore. And can see the stadium from his hotel window. Although I’m a Tiger’s fan 😉

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