#7QT: Sometimes You Just Need A Hug Edition.

— 1 —

Where was I last weekend? Oh, that’s right! Maryland. Most of my time was spent in Baltimore. Why? Well, running.

I undertook the Baltimore Half-Marathon (13.1 miles of hills, yo!) while my brother and The Boyfriend did the full marathon (26.2!) It was my brother’s fourth marathon (I think that’s right) and the boyfriend’s first. I’m very glad I didn’t choose Baltimore for my first… ooh, hills. Someday I hope to return to the Shamrock to see if I can do it again.

But to the finisher goes the medal!

I’m the girl in the photo. The tiny one is the nephew. The tall one is the brother. The other one is the boyfriend. #TheMoreYouKnow

— 2 —

So the trip was relaxing, minus the running part, and I felt great. I managed to get two dinner dates in one weekend. I heart seafood, so that’s what was on the menu. Plus, I trust seafood from a state that’s next to the ocean. (I’m from Ohio; that’s something I don’t take for granted!)

— 3 —

I’ve mentioned before how the TV show The Middle caught my interest, right? Well, suffice to say I still find it hilarious. Like, gut-busting hilarious. It’s my sense of humor, and we all know my love of the Midwest!

— 4 —

Life has been stressful. So there’s that. My psoriasis isn’t a big fan of the stress. So there’s that.

— 5 —

Random, but I realized it this week – I used to wear my contacts constantly. 5 or 6 days out of the week. Now, I wear them maybe 1 day out of the week… and the other days I wear my glasses. When I have to drive long distances, I wear my contacts for convenience, but… it’s strange. I’ve always thought my preference for contacts over glasses was a vanity thing. Maybe it is and I’ve stopped caring? Or maybe I’m just buying into the librarian stereotype. Either way, something to ponder… any other poor-sighted people out there want to think about this with me?

— 6 —

The topic of personality types happened to come up in #cathsorority this week, while at the same time I was working on an assignment for class that *also* happened to cover the classification of personality types, and then Jen posted this week about her introvertedness. SO MUCH PERSONALITY. And then this week, I had a whole “feeeeeelings are difffiiiiiicult and shouldn’t exiiiiiist” moment (or three) which may explain why, on the myers-briggs typology, I’m a severe T. As in ‘Thinking’. As in, ‘Not Feeling’. LOGIC FOR THE WIN. As a sidenote, I’m an INTJ. In case that helps explain anything about me. I’m just… strange.

— 7 —

Why the title? Because today I was at the elementary school in the library doing fieldwork for the first time in 2 weeks. It was a crazy busy day but I had an absolute blast. I made friends with a 3rd grade boy who likes Pokemon, and found him a book he hadn’t read to take on a roadtrip this weekend. AND, out of the blue, two girls hugged me today. Perhaps I looked like I needed a hug (very likely). But that, in and of itself, made my day. Thanks, random little girls, for making me smile.

Now go hug someone. Or at least, make someone smile! Happy weekend, y’all.

As always! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

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