Thoroughly Thankful Thursday: It’s in the Little Things Edition.

Ya’ll know that weekly, I’ve been doing the linkup over at Sarah’s for Thoroughly Thankful Thursday. Y’all know – much like I do – that some weeks are easier than others. But Sarah really nailed it this week with her post, and I encourage you to go read her words of wisdom. Sometimes we just need to step back and focus on the little things. 🙂

In the meantime, I am thankful for…

  • answered prayers, and answered-but-not-like-I-was-hoping prayers, and prayers-to-be-determined.
  • wisdom, courage, and serenity.
  • the cooler weather (and continuous rain) that gave me an excellent excuse to stay inside this week, which gave me some of the time to get very-necessary things done.
  • professors who answer their emails in a timely manner.
  • the many dear friends and family members in my life who keep me (somewhat) sane. and/or, are a comforting presence even when i’m NOT sane.
  • my elementary fieldwork placement. I *love* working with the kids there!
  • the new engagement of one of my dear friends from Ohio. We met in middle school and it was definitely God-organized whether we knew it then or not.
  • coffee. (seriously, can’t leave that out).
  • parents!
  • the diocese and the parish where I’m currently living. tonight’s Theology on Tap has the Sisters of Life speaking. I’m really hoping I can attend!

Happy Thursday, y’all.

2 thoughts on “Thoroughly Thankful Thursday: It’s in the Little Things Edition.

  1. A fine list. Simply taking your time to “count your blessings” makes one realize how many are out there. God is showering us with His love all the time. But as rain-walkers eventually forget they’re wet, we pedestrians of fallen Earth forget to raise our eyes and count even a few of the rain drops. I could certainly learn from this.

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