#7QT: Hanging Out With Nuns In A Bar Edition.

It’s Friday, which means… 7 Quick Takes! Have you joined the linkup yet? What’s stopping you?!
Go see how Jen does it to figure out the whole spiel. πŸ™‚

— 1 —

First, let’s note something: I’m an introvert. (Pretty strong introvert). I spend much of my working day with people. When I go home, I like to… work on schoolwork, read blogs, catch up on mindless TV while cooking any number of things for dinner, read a book, read the mail, catch up on emails, contemplate life, etc. I like, for the time being anyway, doing these things… alone. And I’m going to use this entire quick take to say that’s okay. Yaaaay, introverts.

— 2 —

But LAST NIGHT, I actually did something related to my social life. Shocking. I went to a bar. Okay, it’s a pub. But it’s the “hip” downtown area (which means parking is a nightmare) and there’s usually quite a few people there on a Thursday night. And for the record, I didn’t even bother to get a beer. Having to pay for parking downtown kinda negates the drink money. Shrug, that’s life on a budget, and I’m pretty strict about it. Because paying for rent & the bills = more important than having a beer while out a bar. (slightly overdramatic sigh).

— 3 —


Novices of the Sisters of Life, chilling in the back room of a pub.

It was fantastic. Sister Mary Gabriel spoke on faith, mercy, and love. It was intense. There was discussion of the saints.

Here’s one of my favorite tweets from the night, that is a slight paraphrase of one of Sister Mary Gabriel’s points. (that’s how I was trying to evangelize, but it’s also awkward to constantly be typing on your phone while at an event.)

Every time there’s been a crisis in the Church, God has raised up saints to meet that crisis. Be awake!

— 4 —

Part of the talk was on how God uses us – yes, us, frail and fairly weak as we are – to build up the Church, the teach the Faith, and all manner of others things. And Sister was talking about the incorruptibles. (sidebar: wordpress, that is SO a word. get with it.)Β  St. Bernadette FOR THE WIN. St. Peregrine is, too – and that’s a guy whose leg was so cancerous and diseased they were going to amputate it, in the 14th century when that wasn’t exactly the safest procedure. But look up the miraculous healing story of St. Peregrine, realize that God continued to use him for the next 20 years of his life, and then preserved his body. Kinda cool, right?

— 5 —

One of the novices in the order told her vocations story. When she mentioned she was from Ohio, I (may or may not have) yelled WOOOO from the back of the not-so-large r0om. Because, #OhioPride. After her vocations story, we talked about life in Ohio… being steel town girls… our love of Pittsburgh, at which point she noticed my Penguins sweatshirt and exclaimed her love for all things hockey and Penguins! So I caught her up on the NHL saga (uggggggh, work stoppage) which of course, novices don’t hear about while in the convent. We chatted for a good half hour.

As someone who’s been going through a lot lately and might be justalittle homesick, it was a blessing for me, and Sister Angeline said it was a blessing for her, too. Thanks, God. πŸ™‚

— 6 —

A non-nun-related quick take: it’s #OpenAccess week. This is a big deal in the information science world, in the research world, in the higher-ed world, and it should at least register as a deal in your world. My dear friend Beth wrote a great piece at Science and Beyond (her blog) on why, essentially, you should care. Do us both a favor and give it a read, and share your thoughts!

— 7 —

Need something to pray for this weekend? Well, there’s the hurricane that may hit the east coast with a whole lot of force. My nephew’s still in recovery from having his tonsils & adenoids taken out. I’ll be working an event all day Saturday, probably a 10 hour day, and could use some “don’t lose your mind!” prayers. And if you saw the ad yesterday that blatantly compared casting your first legal vote with having sex, well, maybe pray for the people who thought that was a good idea. Because honestly, I found it creeptastic and disturbing on a number of levels. (My pal Nightfly did, too so give a read if you’re into the whole political thing.)

That’s all for me this week! For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

5 thoughts on “#7QT: Hanging Out With Nuns In A Bar Edition.

  1. Booooo Pittsburgh (I’m a Red Wing’s fan.. Sorry!) That is SO COOL you got to do that and hang out with nuns at a pub! Haha πŸ˜€
    And praying for all the things in 7!

  2. We have a nun, originally from Tanzania, who comes stay with us once a year (sometimes during the summer and sometimes during the Christmas holidays); we love having her here … we just feel so blessed!

    I love the photo of all those nuns at the pub.

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