Thoroughly Thankful Thursday: Sometimes It Just. Keeps. Raining.

It’s Thursday again – wow, that came up way too quickly – and so Sarah is hosting the link up yet again!

The title may seem morose or downhearted. But no! It really isn’t. It’s honest – it has rained every single day since Sunday here in Upstate and to say it’s a bit damp out is an understatement. But even when it’s raining, or snowing, or boiling hot, we can still be grateful, right?

  • For All Saints Day, and the fantastically inspiring folks that have gone before us and walk among us. Monsignor said it well last night: “We all know God can do the impossible – and they [the saints] allowed God to use them – to show us that he can do the impossible with us.” Now isn’t that something? Mmhmm. *nods*
  • That many, many lives were spared from natural disasters. Life is irreplaceable. Material item loss pales in comparison with the loss of life. Accurate predictions, advance warning, and smart preparation is something for which I am grateful.
  • For allergy medication. It keeps the worst at bay.
  • For afternoons where baking is an option. I think the house will smell like cookies soon. It’s been too long! šŸ™‚
  • For coffee. Just because.
  • For family and friends who deal with us, even with our quirks and idiosyncrasies that may make us a bit too strange at times, and love us no matter how silly we seem!
  • For Catholic trivia contests! (This’ll make more sense later).

Hope y’all have a fabulous Thursday – and when in doubt, stop and spend 30 seconds reflecting on what blessings have come your way this week. If nothing comes to mind, know this — you are loved.

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