Thoroughly Thankful Thursday: with awesome illustrations Edition.

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This week has had ups and downs and all-arounds.
Let me put my ‘attitude of gratitude’ hat on for a moment.

  • For the families with adorable children at this Panera. They’re fun distractions from my work, and a reminder that there are bigger things in life than … well… all the little things.
  • For unlimited coffee/tea refills at Panera. #drinkup
  • For the Divine Mercy Chaplet.
  • For the little elementary kids at the school today – they were mostly well-behaved and didn’t do anything too crazy!
  • For my awesome host librarian who is helping me learn the tricks of the trade!
  • For the massive mental stress reliever that is the free time I now have. I feel better already.
  • For my (new) gastroenterologist who was actually SUPER personable, friendly, and able to hold a conversation even with my whack sense of humor. What a good egg.
  • For the soon-to-happen weekend!
  • For sleeping in a bit later than normal almost everyday this week. and for wake-up calls on the days I’m panicked I’ll sleep in too late.
  • For fellow Catholics who encourage me to stay on the straight and narrow and not tumble down the cliff.
  • For my siblings. Psyched to see almost all of them in just a few weeks!!!
  • And lastly: for plaid. Because plaid just makes me happy.

For beautiful babies with attituuuuude:

And adorable nephews (and for good IPAs):

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