Veteran’s Day Thoughts – And Throwback Photos!

So I missed the 7QT link-up this week because… well, busy. HOWEVER. That doesn’t mean I would deprive you of my words of wisdom! (After all, I have family members that rely on this blog to inform them that I’m still alive and fairly well, and we wouldn’t want them to worry!)

The topic of today is…

Veteran’s Day:

Yes, a number of you had the day off from work/school yesterday [and a number of you didn’t, I’m sure] because we observed Veteran’s Day.

Within my own family:

  • my maternal grandfather a.k.a Grandpa served in WWII.
  • My paternal grandfather, a.k.a Pop Pop, also served in WWII.
  • My brother Mark, a.k.a. Mark, is former Army and served all over the place. It’s why I have cool sugar packets from places like Bulgaria. (Also why I’m wearing a Hard Rock Cafe “Bosnia/Herzegovina” tshirt right now. Yes, I still have it.)
  • My brother Paul, a.k.a. Paul, is also former Army Reserves. It seems like forever ago – he was serving in Iraq when I was in middle school.
  • My sister-in-law Danita, a.k.a. D, served in the Marines.

So suffice to say I have a number of personal connections to the military. I also know enough to know I’d never hack it! Rather than wax eloquently today, I present you with a number of photos from varying stages of old-ness that are somehow related and linked to my military siblings! Enjoy.


My sister Liz and I hanging out at the Pacific Ocean. The trip to California was planned so that we could see Mark graduate from the DLI – wheee, vacation!

Random sidebar: I didn’t actually wear glasses at this point in my life. But I apparently bought a pair of sunglasses that were lightly tinted and *looked* like real glasses. Foreshadowing?


My brother Paul and I at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire, England.

Why were we in Yorkshire, you ask? Well, because Mark and D got married there! Wheee, vacation.


Well, look at that! Paul and I went BACK to Fountains Abbey on our return trip to England. First picture was in 2004, this picture was taken in 2008. Mark was currently serving in a hot, sandy place so we spent a few weeks hanging out with D!

My sister-in-law, Danita, and I.

This was taken at a dinner some night while we were in Spain (summer of 2003) to celebrate the engagement of her and Mark! Wheeee, vacation. Also, it was the European Heat Wave. Coastal Spain was not-so-much prepared. Seriously: screens in windows? Naaaaah, who needs those? We had a blast anyway.

Random photo from atrip to North Carolina, featuring Paul, Mark, and I… and a gigantic fake hippo.

If I remember correctly, we took this trip (photos above and below) because Mark had just been assigned (or whatever the technical term is) to a new base in North Carolina. Also, it proves that at some point in my life I thought a wife-beater and shorts was acceptable clothing for public. Then again, wasn’t it over 100 degrees? So yes, still acceptable. And apparently we have a propensity for vacationing during heat waves. We need to stop that…

Yet another mini golf picture.

This might also have been the trip (I believe so) where the weather service started telling people to leave the beach because the winds were picking up, so we got in the truck and went to the beach to enjoy the surf. The waves still weren’t that great, but it was the Southern Heat Wave!
Well, that was fun! Enjoy the rest of the week, y’all.

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