7QT: Now I Go Forth to OHIO! Edition.

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— 1 —

So I missed things last week. Sorry, kids. Apparently my absence was noted (hi, big brother!) but I did give you some fun photographic fodder earlier this week! Did you see all the pictures of me when I was younger?

So why did I miss posting last week? Because I tried to write up my #7QT at 8AM before the elementary school day started, but at 8:40 I realized I still wasn’t wearing real clothes (read: things you can wear to a public elementary school) and I had to leave in 10 minutes, so… that just didn’t happen. I returned to the apartment around noon, had time for a quick shower (yes, I went to school unshowered, have at me for my heathenery) and to throw some things around the apartment in an attempt to make it less disheveled, before The Boyfriend showed up. And then The Boyfriend showed up. So my apologies, dear valued readers! However, I did not feel saying “Boyfriend! So good to see you after you drove 360ish miles to see me. Excuse me while I write up a blog post for the adoring public?” … so you had to deal with the necessary effects. But I’m back!

— 2 —

So let’s be honest – it’s actually Thursday evening. (“CHEATER!”, I can hear you yelling. But this is the price we pay to have blogging, or something.) As such, I’m sitting in the kitchen with some hummus and an Ommegang Scythe & Sickle (Oh, the yums). Why aren’t I typing this up Friday like a non-cheaater? Because I’ll be driving. For a while. I’m heading home tomorrow — you can’t spell HOME without OH! (work with me kids.) It’s more than 400 miles, and I’m driving myself in the trusty blue Honda so wish me luck and safe travels! I’m going to be home for like TEN WHOLE DAYS which is exciting. It’s been a rough semester.

— 3 —

So, what did I do in the past two weeks? I honestly don’t remember much but here’s what I recall. Elementary school! Seriously, I love those kids, crazy as some of them may be. They make me smile, which is good, since I plan to work with them in the future. This week I actually found a job opening for a school that sounded like a great fit for me, personally – Catholic, middle school, all girls: a group with which I can begin my crusade against passive aggressiveness! Sadly, it was an immediate opening and I can’t really be moving and working full-time right now since I have to devote all next semester to student teaching. We’ll see — maybe it just means good openings will exist come spring.

— 4 —

The Boyfriend and I went to a local hockey game on Saturday night. Get this: He had never been to a hockey game.
(I can’t figure out how I managed to date someone who’s never been to a hockey game either. Let me know if you figure it out.)


Me, being really excited about a free Syracuse Crunch magnet. I know, my life is awesome.

— 5 —

I had to bust out my ice scraper this morning. First time this year, which is pretty good considering where I live… the weather has been all over the place though. Last Friday it was fairly frigid. Then Saturday it was fair-to-middlin’, and Sunday we went walking at the Old Erie Canal State Park and got entirely too WARM because the sun came out and we all know how I react to the sun. (Hint: I’M IRISH.) The dryness of the current weather, though? My skin ain’t none too happy. (Sidebar: dermatologist appointment next week. Wheeeeeee.)

— 6 —

We’ve been talking meatless meals in #CathSorority as of late – for those who just like to save money because meat is expensive, yo! – or those who wish to abstain from meet 1/+ times a week. A few links to  favorites that I’ve made and found success with from Skinny Taste!

Spinach Lasagna Rolls

Lighter Baked Mac n’ Cheese – I use broccoli instead of spinach!

For an easy snack: Roasted Chickpeas. I like throwing these together with a few sauteed shrimp and a veg of sorts – usually broccoli. It’s my fave.

— 7 —

What I’m reading: the third book in Libba Bray’s trilogy; this one is “The Sweet Far Thing”. Just finished “Because I Am Furniture”, which is a novel written in verse that was intense. Also have about 6 more books I’ll be taking home.
What I’m watching: the latest episode of The Middle, which I still love. Especially ’cause this one is all book-ish and library-themed and nerdy.
What I’m listening to: tomorrow’s car ride will feature the new Anberlin album, “Vital”. I’ll probably play the whole thing at least 3 times. It’s a long drive.
What I should be doing instead of writing this: uhhh, packing everything for my trip. Oops. I’m going to get on that.

Blessings to you all and happy Thanksgiving!

2 thoughts on “7QT: Now I Go Forth to OHIO! Edition.

  1. Woohoo you’re coming to the cool state 😀 well you knew that already.
    I hope you have a safe trip and a great holiday!
    And i went to the first hockey game of the season (Toledo Walleye) and it was great. NFL needs to stop being locked out. Just saying.

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