7QT: Catching Up Post-Thanksgiving Edition.

— 1 —

So I went home to Ohio and basically avoided the internet for a week and didn’t pay attention to emails and didn’t bother to check in with my schoolwork. Glorious. I was busy with Ohio stuff. Bridesmaid dress shopping with a friend (for her April wedding!), multiple doctors appointments, checking in with nana, shopping with my ma, cooking up a storm – it was a heck of a week.

— 2 —

boyfriend, big brother, myself, and big sister, at WJU for the turkey trot!

boyfriend, big brother, myself, and big sister, at WJU for the turkey trot!

So this is our pre-turkey trot photo! It was fairly cold and we were still a little bit tired. But cool facts: even though the boy and I registered via mail from different states, we happened to get subsequent numbers. And then look at the pattern – I was 9, sister was 59, brother was 529. OOOOOOH NUMBER PATTERNS.

Anyway. We had fun running the 5k and then waiting eagerly to win a prize… but we didn’t win this year. We still had soda and water and fruit and cookies, though. And we got cool orange long-sleeved T’s this year. Sometimes you just have to enjoy it for what it is.

— 3 —

liz and i, looking somewhat fuzzy and somewhat tired.

My sister and I are nerdtastic and tried to take a bunch of post-race pictures while bored to tears listening to the announcer guy call out names of people who were winning prizes. Amazingly, this is the best picture of the series… yeah, you don’t want to see the worst.

Also, I forgot to wear my orange shades, or we’d be matching! We didn’t even plan for the 3 of us siblings to wear green, but life happens like that.

— 4 —

Let’s talk food. What do you eat for your traditional Thanksgiving meal? Because we had quite the spread at the homestead… in part because we had a lot of mouths to feed. But… turkey (24lbs, I believe?). Mashed potatoes. Sweet potatoes. Mashed turnips. Stuffing. Green beans. Croissants. Cranberry sauce (real cranberries). Cranberry jelly (the round, can-shaped stuff). Gravy (real, from the drippings). Did I miss anything? It was an intense table spread. I would know; I set the table.
(Dessert, I missed dessert. 2 pumpkin pies, and 2 pecan pies. Wheeee!)

— 5 —

Fun family activities that occurred over the holiday break: the afore-mentioned turkey trot. Intense Wii sessions in the basement- I honestly thought someone was going to swing their ping pong “paddle” into the wall. Scrabble tournaments. “Imaginiff”. PIT! A very strong contest of wills in Boys v. Girls Cranium Wow. We girls won…but barely. (If you’ve played regular Cranium, Cranium Wow is just basically an upgrade with new types of games and tasks to be done. Mom bought it for me for Christmas a few years back, and it was a great gift, because we’d gone through ALL the cards in the original Cranium game a few times over!)

Anyone else into extreme board-gaming over the holidays? A small group of us also went to the local bowling alley across the river in WV and bowled four straight games. My high score was a 97. Yeah, bowling’s not really my strong suit!

— 6 —

Wish me luck, eh? I’m supposed to start a new medical regimen/treatment/thing soon, once the details and nonsense and hullabaloo get worked out the with the insurance and the pharmacy and such. We’ll see!

— 7 —

picture of some random books I happened to process this week.

This week was “drive back to NY and jump back into grad school with reckless abandon” time. I taught at the elementary school today and we had a lot of fun in the library. I’ve been working on a big cataloging/processing project so the students have some brand new books to check out! The WWE/pro wrestling books are a huge hit with the boys – the 4th graders kinda attacked the 3 books we just added. Hey, whatever gets them reading, right? (Plus, I know adult men who still enjoy pro wrestling, and they’re mostly okay guys, so no hate). These are just a few of the other books that were added… record books are very popular (whee, statistics?!) and some of the easier-to-read level books are in graphic novel format which is popular, especially with struggling or emergent readers. ProTip: don’t be one of those “graphic novels aren’t REAL books!!1!” type people, ’cause I don’t want to have to get rantalicious.

I’ve got quite a few projects in between now and the end of the semester, and I just went through all the requirements for school media specialization that I need to get a jump on – oh my gracious. I’m in for a crazy next 4-5 months. Yaaaay, almost done with grad school! 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend, y’all. Let me know if you read anything good, or bake anything (there’s a great molasses spice cookie recipe right here on the blog!) And of course —> For more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!

5 thoughts on “7QT: Catching Up Post-Thanksgiving Edition.

  1. Girll your thanksgiving sounds amazing. We had like 9 different kinds of pie. NINE DIFFERENT KINDS. If they thought I was going to stay on my diet they were sadly mistaken.
    But I ran a turkey trot that morning (ours was 5 miles.. so silly) and then I felt the need to have some pie.
    That’s probably why I gained 2 pounds this week lol.

    • dang, we only had 2 types of pie! then again we had 2 of each… LOL.

      I’m glad our trot was only 5k – it was coldish and my legs weren’t up for 5mi! You go girl. 🙂

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