what i wore sunday (edition #1).

So basically, these two wonderful women I know through the interwebs have this blog/website called Fine Linen and Purple. They talk fashion, style, modesty, and the like.

A ways back – they’re on volume 7 now – they started a link-up called “What I Wore Sunday”. The inaugural week, they posted this statement regarding why they were doing this:

The purpose of the linkup is to share what you wore for Sunday church so we can all get some outfit ideas and just share in each othersโ€™ ย joy of attending church!

Simple enough! And Saturday-afternoon-evening church goers participate, too. The only requirements are a photo that pertains to the topic at hand a link back so others can find more inspiration, ideas, etc. Disclaimer: I haven’t actually participated in any of the weeks yet. So I decided to just full-steam-ahead and jump in despite my reservations. Mainly because there was a BLOGOSPHERE KERFUFFLE (overdramatic caps-lock all mine) this week because a very-well-known female blogger for the National Catholic Register jumped into the link-up game. And the combox – as it is wont to do – exploded with all sorts of…well…comments. Not all of them nice.

Let’s face it – women can be catty about other women. Men can be catty about other men (is there a masculine word for catty?)… and we can ALL be catty about everything. Oh, human nature, you temptress, you. And the point of the link-up isn’t to say LOOK AT ME (I’M SANDRA DEE?) IN ALL MY FINE LINEN AND GLORY or some other such nonsense. The point is to be inspired by the other faithful people who got up and out the door to church. And you know, some weeks that might not happen. So maybe it’s a picture of you in a blanket on the couch because you’re really sick, but you want to be realistic. And you know what? I wear jeans. A lot. (Bring on the combox judgment, y’all.) I can’t remember the last time I wore a dress to church. Or a skirt, for that matter. But maybe I’ll bother to dig through my closet and see what’s in there now, I don’t know, but I do know that I’m gonna support the efforts Emily and Kendra are making to bring a civilized discussion to the intersection of faith and fashion (or in my case, lack of fashion). So here goes.

Editor’s note: I had to take these using the built-in camera on my laptop because my real camera’s battery is dead, apologies for the low quality. Wheeee!

Shirt: greenish color, from Salvation Army (thank you, previous owner!)
tank: Kohl’s So brand, black, I have at least 3 of these.
Dark grey pants: Apt. 9 brand, from Kohl’s… a clearance rack splurge. (I hate shopping, for the record.)
Glasses: from Walmart!
Jewelry: none. I kinda hate jewelry of almost all forms.
Shoes: flats, glittery with a big black bow on the top. Fergalicious brand (can’t believe I actually just said that). I think I bought them at Famous Footwear on sale when I could justify getting glittery black shoes. (Also, have you tried finding size 11 black flats? argh.)

wiws1 (shoes)

(see body text below for caption-y stuff)

Also featured in this post: ugly linoleum kitchen floor, wood panel doors, kitchen table sporting a thrift store tablecloth with strawberries all over it, wall hanging that says “cafe” purchased at a local garage sale not long after I moved here. Frugality is fun!

See what other blogosphere members are participating by checking out the link-up. Have fun!

10 thoughts on “what i wore sunday (edition #1).

  1. Frugality IS fun! I found an Ann Taylor sweater and Banana Republic slacks (nwt) at a garage sale and paid $3 for the lot. Who says one can’t buy nice clothes on a budget?

    Hey, whether you show up week-to-week in jeans or a dress, I’m glad you’re participating. It’s good clean fun, and that’s hard to come by nowadays.

    And yeah, I totally let out a chuckle too when you said, “Fergalicious.” Heh.

    • ah, good clean fun. the kind my mother always talked about. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      and seriously, “fergalicious” is the brand. how embarrassing is that? but i LOVE those shoes, so i guess it’s the price I’ll have to pay or something. thanks for stopping by and commenting!

  2. Ooh, you’re brave. I wear nursing scrubs all week long and love dressing up for Sunday Mass but the thought of actually posing in my Sunday finery is quite intimidating. I like the idea and perhaps I can talk myself into (or be talked into) participating in the link-up. Don’t hold your breath. I need to psyche myself up for this.

    • it’s a judgment free zone. you’ll see all sorts of things! plus, it’s not about vanity – so take a photo or two and call it a day. no use spending ages agonizing over how you look – because let’s face it, Jesus really just cares that we show up! ๐Ÿ™‚ it took me 7 weeks to psyche myself up to participate so I totally understand.

  3. Ha! I guarantee you that my linoleum floor is grosser and my wood paneling is tackier! I like your take on the combox drama ๐Ÿ™‚ Way to look past all of that and join the fun!

    • I mean, it’s an apartment so it’s not like I have a say in the matter. The other rooms have nice carpeting…alas, kitchens + linoleum just go together so well. (And I’m grateful for it when I’m cleaning!!)

  4. Love the green pants and grey pants are a staple in my wardrobe! You are so right, we can all be so catty and envious and judgemental….. The interesting thing, for me, is that I’ve not really felt envy during THIS linkup; I’ve felt encouraged and inspired and mostly warmth for all these women and our common bond in seeking Christ in a non-judgemental and FUN platform. Welcome!!!

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