2012 in 12 Photos – a wrap-up to the year!

So Dwija over at House Unseen (if you don’t read her blog, do so – the girl is hilarious. also, smart.) is hosting a link-up for photo posts to wrap up the year 2012 in pictorial format. 

January: sister and I did the “Lights on the Lake” run, which is 4.5 miles starting at 11pm the last Saturday that the lights are still displayed. You have until midnight to get back to the park entrance – then the lights go off! It was 30-ish degrees.
lights on lake

On my 23rd birthday, in Washington DC at CPAC, I met Chuck Woolery. Yes. THAT Chuck Woolery. Game show host extraordinaire!

marie meets chuck feb

After months on training, my brother, sister, and I tackled -and finished- the Shamrock Marathon in Virginia Beach on March 18th. 26.2 miles!
marathoners march

According to photos, the only thing I did in April was go to one of the first games of the season for the Syracuse Chiefs. As you can see, a lot of fans came dressed as empty seats. It was also about 40 degrees and raining…
chiefs game april
I met my niece Maria! Welcome, darling!
meeting maria may

I went camping at Keuka Lake with my sister and brother-in-law. Ah, Upstate in the summer…
keuka lake june
First ever Orioles game at Oriole Park at Camden Yards!
camden july

Sister and I went to the NY state fair with free tickets I won in a twitter contest!

state fair august

We went to a tasting at the Brewery Ommegang in Upstate while on vacation at Grandma’s lake house! (Boyfriend, Brother, Me, FYI)
brewery ommegang september

I went on a roadtrip and ran the Baltimore half-marathon while boyfriend and brother ran the marathon. Nephew (and sister-in-law) cheered for us very well! I got mega-sunburnt, for the record. No more running in v-necks.
baltimore october

Part ofgoing home for ten days for Thanksgiving involved rigging the tv antenna so we could watch football. It involved wire (on one side), and two types of tape on the other side, holding the antenna to the wall. But we watched football on a 13″ color tv, dangit! (That’s daddy, fyi.)

It’s not really the Advent/Christmas season until the stollen is made. Here’s mom baking! I also baked, I swear I helped…


Happy and blessed 2013 to you all!

3 thoughts on “2012 in 12 Photos – a wrap-up to the year!

    • we’re doing it again this year, and I know the 3ish feet of snow on the ground probably won’t have melted yet. wheeeee! 🙂

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