What If You Woke Up Today…

I repinned this image from The Catholic Company yesterday. It’s still on my mind.

 what if...

Well. I like to call that “throwing the gauntlet”.

If I’m being honest… I would have woken up today fairly destitute. Not only lacking material things, but also lacking some things best described as metaphysical. I’d be lacking relationships and human persons that honestly, it would be difficult to move forward without.

I would have my life. I would have my God. I’m not sure that I would have faith, though. All the more reason to make “Lord, I believe. Help my unbelief.” the closing prayer to each and every day I’m granted here on Earth. I would be rather alone. I’d be hungry today. And probably cold.

There’s really not a point to overanalyzing, and I won’t deign to speak for anyone else. However. I’m fairly certain that I’m not the only person out there who needed this reminder. Maybe some of us need it more than others. Maybe some of us tend to be more ‘Lord, I could really use…’ and a little less ‘Lord, thank you for…’. And maybe right now, we’re dealing with some relatively ugly, unhappy stuff that makes us want to say “WHY” instead of “thank you”. I tend to think that’s part of the human condition. Accepting suffering isn’t easy, we’re all aware of that. So chin up – maybe today, we’re thanking God for the good things and just neglecting to mention the less-than-lovely things as a way of keeping our mouths shut, eh? Nothing wrong with that. Give it time.

What are you thanking God for tonight?

5 thoughts on “What If You Woke Up Today…

    • I hope it was a gentle slap. Wasn’t meant to be an awful experience! (But believe me, considering it consumed my thoughts for 24hrs+, it was obviously a similar experience for me.)

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