7QT: Lots of Lists and Links Edition. (Also, 3 day weekend YAY)

— 1 —

Some days teaching gives me hope, and some days it’s just rough. Also, it was a long week. (I’m writing this Thursday night, so I still have tomorrow to go!)
Things that gave me hope or made me smile this week:

  • A student I’ve come to know stops me every day, leaving school, to tell me how much he’s read in his book. Last night he read 100 pages. He’s in 3rd grade. That’s pretty impressive!
  • One of the classes that tends to behave less-than-well really stepped it up this week and “did the right thing”.
  • My tech club students made Animoto videos, as instructed, and they each showed them to the class!
  • AND, the students were supportive and clapped for each other and gave some compliments. NO mean words or mocking. So proud.
  • Some of the students actually remembered my name and called me “Miss Evans”. The rest tend to just say “Miss? Miss? MISS?”
  • I remembered some of my students names! In a school with 630-some students, ALL of whom I see within a week, yeah, I’m pretty proud of that. So were the kids! πŸ™‚

— 2 —

So this week I ventured out to Tim Hortons to spend a gift card I won via a Twitter trivia contest. I decided to try their “tea latte” because I didn’t want a bunch of caffeine. It was delicious! They brew tea – I chose Earl Grey, of course – and then steam/froth milk and mix it. I was pleasantly surprised. Also, the french toast bagel? Big winner.

— 3 —

I spend all day with books, and when I come home I’m mostly dealing with cooking dinner (more on that later) and doing my graduate coursework (online.) BUT, I’m trying to keep up on my reading. While I tend to like a variety of things, I tend to read more juveline/YA literature during the school year to prevent brain-burn-out. Additionally, I have to confess something. I have library fines. #ProfessionFail In my defense, the fines were accumulated because I didn’t return my items before I went home for my nana’s funeral, and then I didn’t return to NY for three weeks. But that’s not the point. Here’s what’s on my reading list:

  • children’s easy reader books about Groundhog Day for a lesson next week
  • Stand Tall, by Joan Bauer. Just started this last night at bedtime. Seems decent; I like this author’s other work.
  • The Mighty Miss Malone, by Christopher Paul Curtis. If you’re read the Newbery-winning Bud Not Buddy, this is the same author *and* it reintroduces a character from that story. I’m excited to see what happens to the family in Flint, MI this time around!
  • The Catechism Of the Catholic Church. Yeah, I’m dreadfully behind right now. Hoping to catch up soon.

— 4 —

Keeping with the list format, I try to cook something new every week (if I have the ingredients). Here’s what I’ve made from scratch since the last time we talked. Recipe is linked if possible!

  1. Skinny Buffalo Chicken Dip. SO GOOD. The boyfriend is looking forward to this happening over the weekend.
  2. Skinny Chocolate Chip Buttermilk Scones. I used my traditional trick of making buttermilk by adding lemon juice to milk. I brought these in for my fellow librarians for professional development day on Monday. They’re pretty awesome!
  3. I made my traditional, not-on-the-internet recipe of baked Pasta+Light Bechamel+Broccoli dish. Every week that happens.
  4. I made a spinoff of this Orange-Glazed Carrots recipe tonight. I used baby carrots (not shredded), adding some lemon juice to the sauce, and didn’t use chicken brother or olive oil. They still turned out tasty!
  5. The sauce from above orange-glazed carrots worked really well with the baked chicken breast I did tonight. Instead of cornstarch in the sauce I used flour, and that worked just fine. The sauce was just enough to function as a ‘dip’ for my chicken. Yum.

— 5 —

Speaking of food… whenever you have football (which we do this weekend) you require food. (See above). You also require beer. I know I’m not the only woman out there who appreciates a good beer. I mean, I did just earn the Groupie badge on Untappd. (Yeah, I’m strange.)
That said, I’ve had these in the past few weeks and I like them ALL.

  • Wells Banana Bread Beer. fruity. banana-y. kinda heavy, but in a good way.
  • Gordon Biersch Winterbock. Very winter-y. It’s a doppelbock, so it knocks you back a bit.

    Look, a Winterbock with the buffalo dip!

    I'm not a big fan of 'hot' stuff usually, but the dip was great. Plus, the beer to cool it off!

    I’m not a big fan of ‘hot’ stuff usually, but the dip was great. Plus, the beer to cool it off!

  • Shiner Holiday Cheer. This one was interesting! The peach flavor really comes through, which is pretty unique in terms of beers that I’ve ever had. Apparently it’s a dunkelweizen, but it seemed pretty run-of-the-mill in terms of heaviness. (Not a porter, but not Bud Light. thank goodness.)

— 6 —

The MEGA FAIL of the week is being called #PharmacyFail. My medication, which is a “specialty” medication that has to be shipped in a temperature-controlled environment, was sent to Ohio instead of New York. WHAT. So my parents had to call the pharmacy, immediately, and then race to the UPS store to overnight the package to me to arrive the next day. Stay tuned to hear if anything else comes out of this. I think my meds are probably okay, but I discovered that there isn’t actually a way to tell if it’s unstable. Great! Also, if it IS unstable, there’s really no way to know what that’ll cause to happen to you. Great! Also, they’re reviewing the call recording to verify I did not tell them to ship it to Ohio. Great! Because, I wouldn’t have done that. So there’s that. Wheeeeeeee!

— 7 —

For my seventh quick take, I’m gonna link you to some other blogposts, okay?

I wrote this Sunday night. I still think it’s worth a read if you didn’t catch it. CallMeModest, or something. But what if you woke up today…. (DUNDUNDUN, click through and finish the thought!)

Jen, who hosts 7Quick Takes every Friday, has been dealing with a lot lately. She’s writing about it and she’s got some REALLY good thoughts to share. So, visit Conversion Diary!

My friend Emily, a fellow Buckeye and runner, is getting hitched in May after waiting quite a while. This week, she explores “Why Marriage Scares Me”.Β  I think you can appreciate reading her thoughts if you’re single, and you could perhaps give her some advice or helpful “you’re gonna be fine!” comments if you’re already hitched!

Have you ever read my library-grad-school blog, INTJme? Well, I wrote again, about my experience so far with practicum. Look, it’s short!

There you go, friends. Have a fabulous LONG WEEKEND! (if you have one. and if not, hugs.)

6 thoughts on “7QT: Lots of Lists and Links Edition. (Also, 3 day weekend YAY)

  1. Aw thanks for the link!
    And THANK YOU SO MUCH for those recipes. The buffalo chicken dip looks absolutely amazing.
    And way to go winning that gift card! I love Twitter contests!
    And I’ll have to read the Mighty Miss Malone (I loved Bud Not Buddy)

  2. I love those little gift card contests you find online! I’ve won a Libby Story one and an InPink one so far… if you enter tons and tons you’re bound to win eventually!

  3. I have written a series of books for young teens and their mothers, sisters, aunts and grandmothers. The first book, Webber House, is free through May 7th.

    It is the summer before ninth grade and Katy and Jen have a scary encounter with a stranger. The next day one of them is missing! Should secrets be kept or told?

    I hope you will read it.


    Mary Ellen Shea Clifford

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