7QT: Process ALL the Foods (and other fun stuff) Edition.

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— 1 —

If you don’t follow me on twitter, you missed the mega-ultra-super-fabulous-exciting news. My parents shocked and surprised me by sending me a food processor for my birthday! (My birthday isn’t til next weekend, so it came early). I was astounded. The massively huge box on the porch was for me! And inside…

food processor

Cuisinart Pro Custom 11 Cup Food Processor. SQUEE!

I’ve been making food stuffs like crazy. Including “fake” cookie dough dip (chickpeas!) and mango frozen yogurt (mango + yogurt, yo.) Do you have any food processor recipes to share with me?

— 2 —

I went running last Sunday. It was sunny in Syracuse, and not snowing, which is near miraculous. (It was 20 degrees but that’s doable when it’s not snowing!) So, I went to the lake because the trails are paved, which is nice and means I don’t have to deal with the car/truck traffic when I run on the shoulders of main roads. Well… turns out they don’t clear the snow off the West Lake Trail. Either way! I’m wasting some QT just to show off the photos I took – I knew it would be a pretty run, so I just carried my camera!


My preferred running gear includes ALL THE BRIGHT COLORS! SU hat (thanks, brother); iSchool sunglasses, and a new thick fleece I snagged off the clearance rack, in my two favorite colors: electric blue and lime green.

— 3 —

I like using the phrase “revel in the beauty…” and this photo, to me, says “revel in the beauty of winter!” Bright blue sky, crisp white ever-present snow, weird green metal bridge… fun!

— 4 —

Taken on the trail. To the left, snow-covered Onondaga Lake. Straight ahead, more snow-covered trail. To the right, Interstate 690 (though you can’t see it, it’s right nearby.) All around: spindly trees. Above: very very very blue sky. REVEL!


On the trail!

— 5 —


This was cup number three. Yes, I wear my Orioles t-shirt with a cardigan sweater. That’s just how I roll.

So… y’all know about my coffee thing, right? As in, I drink coffee copiously and with reckless abandon. And I enjoy every minute. Today, I went to Panera to work on a project for class. I had a free coffee, which I planned to use… and use again. After all, you can just keep refilling while you’re there. So I drank five cups of delicious hazelnut blend and went from 30% done to 90% done with the project. Coffee = productivity!

— 6 —

I finished my elementary level library practicum on Tuesday. A bittersweet farewell, because i enjoyed myself, but I’m looking forward to what’s next! I start my high school practicum on Monday in a very different environment. The librarian at the high school I’m going to be at has a lot of experience building website(s) and I’m hoping I can pick her brain and get some experience in that while I’m there!

— 7 —

Having the last two days “off” (not teaching) has been lovely. Not only did I accomplish a lot of grad school work, as long as annoying paperwork for school, I also managed to do some daytime-only stuff. Like going to the bank during open hours, getting a haircut (finally!), and getting my glasses adjusted so I can actually see out of the center of the lens. Minor details.

I’ve got a number of irons in the fire. Job applications in 4 different states, an application for a scholarship to attend a professional conference in April, the CST exam coming up in less than three weeks (#panic), and trying to figure out when I’m moving out of New York…and if I’m coming back for graduation/convocation and the like. Not to mention Easter is less than two months away (!) and that brings with it a number of of events! Wheeeeeeeee. Life Is Good.

Have a fabulous weekend, y’all. 🙂

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8 thoughts on “7QT: Process ALL the Foods (and other fun stuff) Edition.

    • do it once, and then it’s easy-peasy. plus…. I’m clumsy all the time. Falling in the snow is about as risky as falling ANY time when I’m running. Me running, is basically one long series of falling forward and catching myself. 😉

  1. Congrats on completing your elementary practice work–I hope you enjoy high school! I did the reverse (high school first) but interestingly enough I’ve been working with middle school for nearly three years now. Go figure.

    And happy early birthday present! I’m curious about the “cookie dough.” I do a white bean dip with a can of cannellini beans, garlic salt, italian herb blend, and olive oil. Yum!.

  2. #1: PESTO!!!!!!! My recipe is in one of my Quick Takes from 2011, I think. Go to my blog and search “pesto” and you’ll probably find it.

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