11 Blogs To Visit/11 Random Q&As!

So basically, my gal pal Emily – a fellow Ohioan, soon-to-be Catholic, soon-to-be hitched, fellow runner – blogs at Emily Runs. She was gifted with a Liebster Award. It looks something like this. And then she gave it to me! So.


I guess the point is thus:
“Bestow” the award upon blogger friends who may be up-and-comers, or not have a lot of followers, but feature some quality stuff that others may appreciate, if only they knew where to find it! I didn’t pay attention to followers or popularity, though.

And then, to keep it entertaining, answer some questions posed by the person who bestowed the award upon you. How stressful. 😉

To keep word count down, I’m just going to list 11 blogs I read regularly, with very non-serious annotations (bad librarian!) Go investigate and decide on your own!
Only Caveat: Not my fault if you don’t like ’em. 🙂

  1. Kate In Case. (Sidenote justincase she’s reading: she needs to write more. )
  2. Nunspeak. (Is that like Nunsense?)
  3. 8 Kids and a Business. (Sounds busy!)
  4. Tiber Judy. (As opposed to Euphrates Judy…)
  5. Gormogons. (Five Guys ain’t got nothin’ on these six.)
  6. Love, Disdain, and Other Musings. (Because i believe in both love & disdain.)
  7. Blonde Doctor’s Blog. (Not the kinda doctor you’re thinking of!)
  8. Life Happens When. (life happens when I’m totally unprepared, usually..)
  9. The Gospel In the Digital Age. (Not an eBook of the Bible, i swear.)
  10. Kick-Boxing Rhinos. (The new version of Hungry Hungry Hippos!)
  11. Dr. Boli’s Celebrated Magazine. (Celebrated? Sounds like a good choice!)

And here are Emily’s questions for me!

1. What’s the best race you’ve ever run and why?
I’m inclined to say The Shamrock Marathon because… well, because 26.2. But actually, I think I want to say The Baltimore Half-Marathon. Here’s why:
–the half started later than the other races, so I got to wave/hug my brother and boyfriend goodbye as they embarked on 26.2
–the 5k happened while I was waiting, so I was able to cheer my friend @ohnokate on for good luck at the start AND the finish, where I high fived her! I love cheering.
–the courses merge, and I met up with my brother somewhere around mile 18 and we ran the rest of the entire race together, which is way cooler than setting some PR for me.
–the finish line is Eutaw Street in Camden Yards. Kick ass finish.
2. What is your favorite food?
Made from scratch pasta + cheese sauce + veggie. Call it mac’n’spinach’cheese, or tettrazini, either way. Also: CRAB CAKES.
3. If you could move anywhere in the world, where would you move and why?
Tempted to say ‘Back to Ohio’ because I’m doing that in a month anyway. But I really don’t know. I’d like to try out a different part of the US, where I can live in my cabin in the woods and be surrounded by creation instead of neighbors…
4. What inspires you? What motivates you?
My siblings and family. Anyone who has overcome challenges, really.
What motivates me? Well… I struggle with that. Usually it’s just myself. :\
5. If you could meet any celebrity, who would you meet?
I wanna meet the next Pope, whoever he is! 😉
6. What sport would you want to see added to the Olympics (or remove
if you can’t think of one!)
Dek hockey? I don’t know, but that would be entertaining to me!
7. What is your favorite pump-up song?
My entire Pandora channel that’s based on Journey pumps me up. Individual song award I think will go to “Paperthin Hymn”, Anberlin.
8. What song makes you want to change the radio when you hear it?
Whatever the heck that “Whistle” song is. I listened to 15 seconds and felt degraded.
9. What is your favorite healthy snack?
Black bean brownie dip. Healthiness depends on your interpretation.
1 can black beans, rinsed/drained; 2 T peanut butter; 2 T unsweetened cocoa; 1/4 c. brown sugar; pinch of salt. Throw in food processor, process till smooth.
10. If you could own any animal as a pet, what would you own?
Something I’m not allergic to. So… a snake? Lizard? Something reptilian? It has to be low-maintenance, non-shedding, and not a noisemaker. I probably shouldn’t have a pet.
11. What is your favorite exercise to do that isn’t running?
Walking. But particularly, walking in places that are beautiful and make it easy to admire creation. Like cemeteries. (That’s not weird…I swear.) Alternatively, I enjoy dance parties in my kitchen while cleaning. That’s totally exercise.

Hope you enjoyed! Thanks, Emily!

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