Finding & Reveling in Joy: Five Favorites!

I saw this link-up roll through my twitter feed this morning from a few bloggers I love to read. Apparently Hallie Lord over at Moxie Wife is starting a new link-up called “Five Favorites”. We all know how much I love alliteration (it’s a favorite, you might say) so… I had to jump on this bandwagon!

CLICK on the image to go to the link-up and read other posts!

CLICK on the image to go to the link-up and read other posts!



Food processor. Toaster. Coffee bean grinder. Coffee pot. LOVE.

This set-up in my kitchen. All the good stuff happens here. Or at least near here.


Peanut butter. really. I don’t want to live in a world where I can’t have peanut butter everyday. My favorite form: spread thinly on a piece of toast; wait until melted; live in bliss.


Coffee shops that are totally okay with you walking in, buying a cup of coffee, and staying for a few hours until the creative juices are completely drained from your brain and your caffeine intake is sky-high and has you writing incredibly overly long sentences. Panera Bread, I’m looking at you. Thanks for supporting my online education that requires me to leave the house in order to get work done.


This was last Sunday. Just chillin’ in the back part of the Panera with my cuppa java. Which I refilled, oh, probably three times, while getting work done.


Pandora. It just segued from Foreigner to Bryan Adams. How could I not be motivated by that?!!


Rainbow things. Like rainbow cake. And rainbow-psychedelic cupcakes. I need to use more food coloring.


Psychedelic cupcakes. Sister and I had fun making these!


Rainbow cake inside; rainbow sprinkles outside… wicked awesome birthday cake. Thanks to my sister for decorating it! (Sidebar: aren’t her plates awesome? They were our great-grandma’s I think.)


BOOM. Check out the inside of rainbow cake! And the semi-not-awful picture I took!

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