#7QT: I’m back in Ohio Edition.

Really quick. Ready?

— 1 —

This week has been so entirely tiring, that I keep forgetting it’s Friday. Fret not: I had an egg schmuffin for lunch and spinach ravioli for dinner. But srsly, I have no idea what day it is.

— 2 —

So I moved. My parents are beyond awesome people for helping, and my brother helped out once we got here. Final destination. Finally.

fall in the Ohio Valley.

fall in my front yard. I wonder if I’ll still be here come fall?


Hopedale, some railroad tracks, and sunshine. Ohio.

— 3 —

Of course it snowed all day Thursday while we were packing the UHaul trailer with stuff.

Because Syracuse, that’s why.

— 4 —

Of course it snowed 4 out of the 6 hour drive from sister’s house to home today.

Because Upstate NY, that’s why.

— 5 —

I’m totally the lucky one — I only had to drive the Accord, by myself. My dad — Awesome Super Man that he is — drove the truck (filled with my stuff) towing the 6’x12′ UHaul (filled with my stuff) through the same snow storms.

— 6 —

Basically I’m too tired to think. But Go Penguins! 1pm game tomorrow against the Rangers. Keep winning in stellar, entertaining fashion, please.

— 7 —

I cried when I saw white smoke.
Relatedly: I love love love being Catholic.

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