7QT: Life Continues, as it is wont to do, Edition.

— 1 —

You move to an entirely different state and you think things will be different. And they are, of course. But also…life continues. I do schoolwork. I do work work (I’m part-time on a research project for some profs of mine). I mindlessly watch tv on hulu late at night. I bake things. I cook things. So, in light of that, today’s following 6 quicks are a rather mundane look into Life In Ohio.

— 2 —

I volunteered – okay, mom asked me, but I did volunteer to cook whenever – to make dinner this week. I figured this was the perfect opportunity to get lots of veggies on the dinner table (I like veggies, and my stomach doesn’t hate veggies, so I figured I’d make everyone else deal, because I’m so…selfless). So we had my usual of baked pasta with baby spinach and a light bechamel with cheddar. And to go with, lemon-y orange-y carrots that even “I don’t like carrots” brother tried and said, “hey those aren’t bad”. BOOM. I’ll give you the recipe but… I made it up. So there’s that. I’ll need to recreate at some point.

— 3 —

I make snickerdoodle blondies this week. Lest you’re one of those ABHOR ALL THE SWEETS DURING LENT PEOPLE, I should note the main ingredients are neither flour nor sugar and there’s NO butter, so they’re not even really decadent. They are VERY cinnamony. Here’s the recipe, thanks to Chocolate Covered Katie.

And do me a favor and don’t tell my dad, k? He’ll read it here on the blog anyway, and I’m not sure if he figured it out on his own… <muahahaha>.

— 4 —

I got a brand new library card for the public library this week. Wheeeee! I’m currently reading: Smokehouse Ham, Spoon Bread, & Scuppernong Win: The folklore and art of Southern Appalachian Cooking, a celebration of food lore handed down from Scotland, England, Ireland, Germany, and the Cherokee Nation.

And before you ask – yes, it IS fascinating.

— 5 —

For one of my grad classes, we have to make an infographic that conveys routines, behavioral expectations, and a context for learning. We were kinda left in the cold on this one — figure it out, kids! — and, well, I spent half a day putting this SUPER COLORFUL THING together, if you’re interested. For context, I’m planning to be a school librarian. Also, if you wanna know how I made that, feel free to ask! Once my project partner and I had a “theme” to coalesce around, it kind of just came together. (Further edits/changes are likely, though).

— 6 —

On Wednesday, I met my best friend at the local Tim Hortons for afternoon coffee and a long chat.
On Thursday, I went to Tim Hortons to redeem a free latte and work on a project for school.

When I walked in, I had a moment of “hey! those people were here yesterday and are here again!”

Small town problems: when there’s only one coffee shop in about 15 miles.

— 7 —

Today, mom and I are off to The City – It’s Kind Of A Big Deal So It Gets Capitalized – because I have to see the derm. However, as we are wont to do, there will be fun activities while we’re out and about because you don’t drive 80some miles just to see a doctor. No no no. So maybe a little shopping, or window shopping, or coffee talk, or food, or…likely all of the above…

This is my last Friday in Ohio until returning on April 12th so I plan to enjoy it! (My life schedule: a little cray right now).

Two of my dear friends from college are being ordained transitional deacons tomorrow morning. Say a prayer for them please! It’s all very exciting.

Happy weekend, y’all.

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