Catching up on the past 2 months [oops]

Yes, yes, it’s true. I fell off the blogging wagon for a while. If I keep this up, I’ll have to write a long bulleted list next year telling you just the highlights. I don’t want to do that – gosh, the thought is just overwhelming – so I figured I should hop back on the wagon. At least for today. I scrolled back to see the last time I said anything meaningful and am all caught up. Also, I completely changed how the blog looks, in case you’re wondering why everything seems so different. 🙂

So… major life events GO!

I graduated with my Master’s degree! It was a fairly short ceremony; I did not trip on the stage; our parting gift was an engraved business card holder that I certainly will never use; they didn’t have coffee at the reception afterwards. 😦

I spent a week recovering from that whole grad school thing at my grandma’s lake house.
You can see why it’s relaxing.


This was actually sunrise the morning we departed.


I got so excited that the baby fell asleep in my arms – after a struggle – that I made mom take a photo of us. 🙂


Taken from the kayak, on the lake.

I went on vacation with lots of my family to Vermont.
I went on an adventure – called ArborTrek – with two of my brothers and my boyfriend. It’s a thing where you zipline and rappel through the mountainous part of Vermont. IT WAS SUPER COOL.


The boy and I in our helmets, cheesing. We were having fun and not scared at this point. 🙂

Part of being in Vermont is going to cheesy places – like Cabot – but also to Ben and Jerry’s.

We’ve got some political issues with them, but where else can you pose inside a pint of Euphoric Stuff?


I don’t ever want someone to pop out of a cake. Ice cream, though…

mmmmmm. coffee!


The home of Green Mountain Coffee wasn’t far away either! I got a little carried away smelling these green, unroasted coffee beans… sorry for the demonic look.

Then, for something fun to do, the boy and I grabbed our passports [which we packed intentionally] and went for a day trip to Montreal. I’ve never been to anywhere in Quebec [or other parts of Canada for that matter] and jumped at the chance, and he likes driving, so it was a win-win!

First stop, after we momentarily had issues of driving on a sidewalk and through a pedestrian only zone, was… The Basilica.


Basilica of Notre Dame. Incredible.

It’s huge, and beautiful, and striking, and… lovely. And we managed to go to daily Mass while we were there! It was in a separate chapel behind the altar you’re seeing in these photos, and it was all in French. We muddled through, to say the least.


Basilica, taken from the back of the church… impressive.

When in Montreal, one must… eat like a Montrealan? I don’t know. But the boy insisted on poutine and I’m a good sport so I tried out. Turns out it’s delicious! (Just don’t watch yourself or anyone else eat it).


Poutine happened. It’s delicious despite looking atrocious.

Since the vacation has ended, what has happened? Well, a bunch of things I don’t have photos of, but…

I have a job! I’ll officially be a school librarian. It all happened rather quickly, so if you missed the news, fret not. I’m going to be part of a ‘librarian team’ in a K-8 school with a bajillion students [more like 1200+]. I’m excited but dealing with all the other stuff is just annoying. Like the fact that I’ll be moving again soon. Bleh to moving.

We went down to Maryland saw the fam [again] and helped my brother build a patio out of concrete. SO much concrete. So much. While I was “in town”, I managed to go to an Orioles game with the boy! Sadly we lost. But we did have ChickFilA for dinner so not all hope was lost…

My best friend’s mom got married! This was just this past weekend. It was fun to be able to celebrate with them, and since the boy was visiting, I actually had a +1 for a societal event. Never realized how fun that could be! [By which I mean, never realized how less awkward it is when you’re surrounded by couples and you brought a +1 so you’re never the odd man out. Socializing is difficult, y’all.] We hung around with the family all evening at a bonfire and had a relaxing time.

And now we’ve reached this week in my life. Crazy things are always happening around here; so stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “Catching up on the past 2 months [oops]

  1. You’re moving again? I didn’t realize that came along with the wonderful new job! Wow, the photos of the basilica are gorgeous. And love the photo with the sleeping baby. Very sweet. Wishing I had a grandmother with a lake house… Such fun!

  2. I’m so glad to see pictures of Notre Dame Basilica and it’s nice to know that you had a great time in my nation’s capital. I love Ottawa and the Basilica. But poutine? Uh, no. Congratulations on graduation, your Masters and your new job.

    • heh, I definitely couldn’t eat it frequently but I was okay with it as a one-time thing! The Basilica is beautiful. I hope to return some day for more than just 12 hours! 🙂

  3. Congrats on the new job–big schools have a character all their own. And best wishes on moving. Moving is stressful as it’s happening but what a relief once it’s done.

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