#7QT: It’s Jambo Week [and also I’m moving] Edition.

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— 1 —

Perhaps you think these takes will be all about moving. Oh, how wrong you would be! First things first.

It’s Jambo week here in the Ohio Valley. This is a big deal. If you’re unfamiliar with Jambo – a.k.a. Jamboree In The Hills – you can familiarize yourself with this little website here. Basically, it’s a massive 4 day country music festival. People come from all over. Like, Canadians show up for this shebang. You can camp out for the whole week and such. A few local friends of mine are down there in the sweltering 90+ degree heat for Jambo already.

Oh, and the local bar/restaurant owner’s sign says “Gone for the hills. be back Monday.”

— 2 —

I’ve never gone to Jamboree in the Hills. Why, you ask? I love country music, but am not a fan of…
a) the sun in July
b) third-degree sunburns caused by the sun in July
c) tent camping with thousands of other people in July while nursing a third-degree sunburn

— 3 —

So instead of Jambo-ing it up, I’m doing the “millions of things that have to be done before moving” this week.
Step 1: borrow my dad for part of the day, drive 50ish miles to Pittsburgh, buy an awesome futon from a guy for $60, and transport it back to here including a short rainstorm. I suppose that’s more than 1 step.

Fun fact: the gentleman was selling the excellent-quality futon at a low rate because he just got married and his wife told him to ditch the bachelor pad furniture. This not-quite-bachelor appreciates it!

— 4 —

Utilities. One requires those in order to make a space liveable. A big thank you to The Internet for existing so that I can fill out a webform and request a service visit to turn on electric instead of spending 37 minutes on hold via telephone listening to atrocious Muzak.

— 5 —

What I wanted: cable tv [maybe] and decent internet service. Approximate price: $Y
What I’m getting: cable tv [second tier], decent internet service, and unlimited home phone. Price: (Y-$10)

Yes. Because of craziness and complexities and random specials and the magical gizmos, I’m getting more service than I wanted and paying less because of it. I’m okay with this bargain, I really am. [In case you’re overly curious about my utilities, these are Verizon FiOS products]. Also, this happened:

— 6 —

Part of moving means I won’t be here making crazy concoctions of foods that are less than traditional cooking anymore. So I’ve been making a few meals this week to ‘wear out my welcome’ in the kitchen with the fam. Tuesday was Shrimp Creole over rice, taken from a cookbook that’s geared towards people with Crohn’s and ulcerative colitis. I don’t have either of those disorders but it was a decent cookbook at the library. [Want the recipe? Let me know].

Then tonight it was baked chicken tenders with couscous and broccoli. Now, I have a tendency to eat a lot of baked chicken breast [because budget], but I prefer cutting them up so they’re in more manageable pieces/sizes [because single person cooking]. Tonight I tried a new recipe, via Katie’s Cucina, to make the baked chicken. I cut the breasts into more largenugget/tender sized pieces and [almost] followed the recipe to a t.
Check out these surprising ingredients: hot sauce. buttermilk. corn flakes.

Delicious! Super crunchy, a good paprika blast. For the record I used 1 c corn flakes and 1 c Wheaties because we had both. Also my “buttermilk” is whatever milk is in the fridge + a little lemon juice, let sit for 5-10 minutes.  Try them — I’m definitely using the “soak in buttermilk/egg white/hot sauce” bath next time; they were moist and the crumbs stuck on perfectly.

— 7 —

Entertainment update:

  • turns out Covert Affairs is back on tv! I catch up via Hulu. Anyone else?
  • Mom got Downton Abbey from the library. We only saw the first 2 episodes of the 1st season. So far, I like it as much as numerous people have told me I would.
  • Mostly I’ve been reading cookbooks and “how to arrange for utilities” and “how to buy car insurance” stuff this week. I picked up Hal Higdon’s marathon running book last week for $1.99 and will slowly plod through it; fiction wise I have another Brad Thor book but it hasn’t gotten too much attention this week.

5 thoughts on “#7QT: It’s Jambo Week [and also I’m moving] Edition.

  1. I am curious to see what you think of the start to Covert Affairs. I was starting to get frustrated/lose interest last season, and I am wondering what’s going to happen with Arthur (loooove Peter Gallagher) this season now.

    • well, I saw the first episode! I’ll probably be a month behind because of Hulu and their agreement. That said, I think it’s got a LOT of promise for this season. Loving the Arthur/chaos storyline, and the big reveal of Joan’s that just came out in this first ep… think it could create quite the situation. 🙂

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