Day 1 of 7: Adulthood Is… buying your own insurance.

Did you know that Jen, of Conversion Diary, is doing a “7 blogposts in 7 days” thing this week? It’s kinda like 7 brides for 7 brothers, except… it’s really not like that at all. Minus the 7 part. I was convinced it was an atrocious idea [for me, this week] but one of her reasons to participate was: “It’ll help you overcome perfectionism.” And gosh darn it, don’t we all need a little help overcoming perfectionism now and again?

[Caveat: please alert me to any spelling errors. I don’t want to overcome perfectionism too much].

Y’all know I’m moving. Part of this move involves a major switch to not-quite-young-adulthood, by which I mean, having my own separate accounts and policies for just about … everything. [*whispering under my breath in Brick Heck style*: everything*]

Today, I tackled car insurance. Let me explain. This wasn’t just a “today” thing. No, it’s been a two week process. Figuring out what half the words in a car insurance policy mean was the third step, after I determined how to find a VIN number [no, mine is not etched on the glass, so no discount] and whether or not I have two airbags or one. [Answer: two, although I’ve yet to prove that they work, because #safedriver].

This 4-photo collage details the expressions one makes while reading fine print on car insurance.  I need WHAT? That costs WHAT? I can't believe that.. *skeptical eyebrow* Aha, I suppose I am now....enlightened.

This 4-photo collage details the expressions one makes while reading fine print on car insurance.
I need WHAT?
That costs HOW MUCH?
I can’t believe that.. *skeptical eyebrow*
Aha, five hours later, I suppose I am now….enlightened.

After a long, hard-fought competition – by which I mean, two separate phone calls each to two different insurance companies over the course of one week – I chose a company. My decision was based on the following factors:

  1. Price. Do I look like I’m made of money?
  2. Ability to hold a serious conversation with me over the phone despite not knowing if you’ll be receiving my business. Some might call this “not yet customer service”.
  3. Convenience. Is your office nearby? Do you answer the phone when I call? Do you know how to use email? Crucial.

So, if you’re in the market or plan to be soon… that’s helpful information. If you’ve already been around this block a time or two, you can commiserate with what a time-consumer that whole process is. Oh. Wanna know who earned my trust? This should give you the information you so desire! [Also note: that one favorite? It’s the @WeAreFarmers account. Gotta love twitter.]

3 thoughts on “Day 1 of 7: Adulthood Is… buying your own insurance.

  1. My evil twin works for the Good Neighbor company and this is hugely ironic because he was a massive insurance liability when he was in his teens and early 20’s. My parents’ insurance agent has to call him for stuff every so often and it has become the family joke. We also get to hear about some of the more… creative calls.

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