Day 6 of 7: Adulthood Is… being concise when you need to be.

Here’s the deal, y’all.

I’ve moved! This has involved moving large pieces of furniture, a massive number of boxes/bags/cumbersome items, and a lot of groceries up 34 steps to my new front door. And then going back for more. For the past two days.

So, we’re tired. I was wise and stocked up on 1) ibuprofen, 2) beer, 3) ice cream. So we’ve also been enjoying ourselves [once the hard work was done, that is].

Tonight, we watch the Orioles on my new tv while sitting on my new-to-me futon.

Tomorrow, we start the process of church-shopping by attending morning Mass at Our Lady of Mount Carmel up the road a bit. I’m looking for a Catholic church that has:
1) a crucifix on the wall
2) kneelers
3) nothing too outside the box

Wish us luck! There’s probably going to be a museum visit in there, too. In the meantime… I’ve got family (and the boyfriend) ((and the Orioles)) to spend my evening with. Happy weekending!

3 thoughts on “Day 6 of 7: Adulthood Is… being concise when you need to be.

  1. Love your summary of what you’re looking for in a Catholic church! Ha. Good luck! I can’t believe you’ve survived yet another move.

  2. I love that a crucifix is a must-have for you.

    I didn’t get a choice in churches since there’s really only one in Tuscaloosa (one main one and a small one on campus). It’s modern and has a lot of clean lines and new details, but retains a traditional feel including a huge crucifix. I know a crucifix doesn’t make a church, but it just feels empty without it.

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