#7QT: The 7 Highlights of Moving Edition.

Let’s face it – if you’ve moved before, you know it’s not all fun and games.
Fun fact: I’d never moved until I was 22. This is actually only my second move. And this time I’m not attending school, although I’m working in a school. Earlier today an assistant at the public library thought I was an incoming freshman at the local university. :\
Here’s hoping my students think I’m old enough to teach them.

Moving on…

— 1 —

There are two major grocery stores 3 blocks away. Three. blocks. away. Considering I grew up driving 10 minutes each way to the grocery store, and even when I was in Syracuse the closest Wegmans was 10 minutes away…that convenience really can’t be trumped.

— 2 —

Turns out my apartment – which I paid and signed a lease for sight unseen – is actually pretty nice! Third floor, sure, but that means I don’t have to hear the neighbors above me. And tonight I’ve discovered that it’s a great vantage point for staring out the big balcony doors and watching storms. Also, I have a lot of room. I even hung pictures today! It feels somewhat personal. 🙂

— 3 —

Kitchen. I have my own kitchen again. Don’t get me wrong: I love cooking with my mom. We’re a good team. The night before she and my dad left, we made homemade crab cakes. But it’s also fun having my own space again, and food processing up a storm! [I tried the version of the garbanzo bean dip made with soaked dates — delish.] I’m learning how to use an electric stove. Very strange…

Also? Seafood is local here. You can buy backfin crabmeat in the grocery store and it’s from the United States.
And also, the seafood restaurant that was on DDD that the boyfriend suggested we all go try? Mega delicious. Good find, that.

— 4 —

All the sports! Y’all know I like events of the athletic kind. Within not-too-far driving distance, there is an AHL team [that’s hockey], a AAA team who happen to be the farm team for my Orioles, a college-players baseball team, a football team [need to find out more about this? I’m skeptical] and honestly…who knows what else. I keep seeing things that look like stadiums.

My first Norfolk Tides game will be next weekend!

— 5 —

Bridges. Looooots of bridges. Also, tunnels. Also, a few bridge tunnels. I’m not entirely sure how I’ve been to Virginia Beach twice in my life and failed to notice the overwhelming presence of bridges, tunnels, and bridge tunnels, but… they’re everywhere. Yesterday I went adventuring. I stopped counting after 4. Then again, I also was headed for the HRBT [that’s the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel] and saw it had a six mile backup because a disabled vehicle was blocking both lanes. So I quick turned around at the last exit and headed for the MMBT [that’s Monitor-Merrimac Bridge Tunnel] and that was a fun, swift trip.

If you've never had the joy of driving on/through a bridge-tunnel, this photo provided by the Virginia DOT should help explain the concept. From the sky, it looks creepy. While driving, it's really not, though occasionally a bit disconcerting if you stop to think about it. This is why I've decided not to think about it!  And if you're super intrigued, click the pic for more info/photos.

If you’ve never had the joy of driving on/through a bridge-tunnel, this photo provided by the Virginia DOT should help explain the concept. From the sky, it looks creepy. While driving, it’s really not, though occasionally a bit disconcerting if you stop to think about it. This is why I’ve decided not to think about it!
And if you’re super intrigued, click the pic for more info/photos.

Weird fact: neither bridge tunnel is deep enough under the water for my radio signal to go out. As someone who grew up driving through mountains in Pennsylvania where you both held your breath as a contest and waited for the radio to turn to static, that was somewhat strange.

— 6 —

History is rich here. I had no idea, but apparently I’m living in one of the oldest parts of the country. [Don’t tell, but you coulda fooled me]. The Mariner’s Museum was a great find last week, and boyfriend/mom/dad and I spent hours upon hours traipsing through it and becoming very well versed. Until we nearly fell right off our feet because four hours in a museum will do that to ya.

Nonetheless, apparently there are even more museums! So rest assured, if anyone would like to visit, we can continue to adventure.

— 7 —

As for the Catholic front…well, if you missed the memo on that, you can catch up with my experience here. The quest shall continue to find a church in which Jesus resides that also has a tabernacle in the main sanctuary and a crucifix on the wall. At this point, kneelers are optional. [Insiders have informed me they’re hard to find in this area]. My knees are young enough to handle kneeling on carpet/tile, for now at least. And perhaps I’ll manage to get over my need for a visible crucifix… but not yet. I’m liking the idea of taking a tour of the area by visiting the many different Catholic parishes that exist! Seems like a good excuse to meet people and/or find new coffee spots. 🙂

Per the usual… For more Quick Takes, visit Jen at Conversion Diary!

10 thoughts on “#7QT: The 7 Highlights of Moving Edition.

  1. Unfortunately, there were few Catholics in the South until the 1970s, and when they started building churches, they got the worst architecture. Many parishes (including ours) are living with 40 year old mistakes, so don’t assume modernist church = modernist theology. We have only 3 “old style” chuches within an hour of us: one is in a small town, one is a chapel for daily mass only, only the third is a regular church.

    BTW: If your parish has no kneelers, follow the local custom. (Usually standing. This is an acceptable alternate posture and the norm in the East.) At our parish, we had half kneel on the floor, half stand, then the bishop told everyone to stand. Unity more important than posture.

    • Thanks for that info! [More southerners are telling me more as the weeks go by]. I wouldn’t make assumptions about theology, and I did in fact write about the awesomeness factor of the homily last week 🙂 but… it’s just disconcerting and very different for me. For now, my attitude is hoping for something a little less modernistic, ya know? Maybe I’ll get used to it.

      The church I was at last week had no kneelers. Most people stood, some sat. Interesting re: the bishop’s comments; that makes sense to me.

  2. That bridge tunnel is insane when you think about it!! I’m in PA and near the Lehigh Tunnel. Ever see that? I call it “going to Narnia” because you are literally driving into a mountain and can’t see anything else except mountain and hole beneath. Spooky stuff. Congrats on the move and I pray you find a parish with a crucifix! Seems like your Cinderella looking for a glass slipper! When you do find it – magic!

  3. Oh, the bridge tunnels! They are kinda freaky when you think about it, but so is flying in an airplane. Glad you’re enjoying your new home. The ODU football team is a pretty new thing to the area, although I think Norfolk State has a team too (that nobody cares about). Have fun at the Tides game!

  4. Your students will loooooove that you are young. They just will hound you about stuff like, “Do you have a boyfriend?” “Do you like the Beatles?” They love your outfits and jewelry. It’s fun.

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