Monday Musings [four totally unrelated topics!]

I’m calling this Monday Musings because it’s Monday and these are the topics upon which I am currently musing. I’ve been less than vigilant about posting on a regularized schedule because… what’s a regularized schedule? Moving on.

Those Orioles

When my mom asked me, “so what did you do all weekend?” I’m sure my semi-blank face communicated efficiently through our pixelated Skype session. Well… I watched the Orioles…is what I believe I responded. Watching the Orioles play baseball ain’t an easy thing, kids. Sometimes they make you want to yell things. Sometimes you yell happy things like GOODBYE HOME RUN CRUSH DAVIIIIIIIIS and sometimes it’s more like THAT DID NOT JUST HAPPEN. It’s a good way to experience a range of human emotion in just a few short hours, so if you struggle with that whole ’emotion’ thing… I recommend it. It’s done wonders for me. 😉

That said, the last two games have given me a reason to hope and that’s good enough. For now…

Meal Planning [For One]

Y’all people that meal plan. Help me out. What’s the first step? I’ve got to better at this because the whole “eating dinner at 7pm” thing isn’t going to last long. Can I just add that cooking for one person is actually more difficult than cooking for four? I thaw a pound of lean ground turkey, and since I don’t want to re-freeze half the pound, I make burgers and mini-meatloaf-things (it was an experiment). So…now I have an incredible amount of turkey concoctions to eat. I suppose it’s a good thing they taste decent. Talk to me, meal planners. Teach me thy ways. 

Social Media Policies – Do you deal with one?

Moving into the work sphere – I’ve been doing orientation stuff all week. It’s…interesting. We’ll leave it at that. “Work” officially starts Wednesday and we’re kicking off the week with tons of meetings. That said, one the most intriguing things I’ve come across since I started work [and started reading all the forms I must sign] is the social media policy for my new employer. I’ve dealt with policies before and even helped write a few – so I was a bit surprised at the stringency of this. As a blogger/writer/photo-poster/twitterer, I’m affected.

To summarize:

  • no photos or comments may be posted anywhere that feature the name/identity of anyone also employed [without express permission]
  • no using any logos whatsoever that are tied to said employer, or any materials provided/owned by said employer
  • obviously no confidential info
  • no posting any links to employers website, subwebsites, or materials [without express permission]

So… that explains why I’ve decided to use the word employer a lot, and you’ll see zero reference whatsoever to the particular place at which I work. I will post a photo of the library once I can take one that effectively shares zero identifying information. 🙂
On one hand, this seems somewhat reasonable. And then I think: so I can’t even say to a professional contact, “go to this website for more info on where I work” unless it’s an entirely private conversation. Whoa. Do you deal with any sort of policy? Is it that strict? I’m curious what most people face in this arena, it’s obviously a fairly new concept.

Homily Quotable

Annnnd to wrap things up, I particularly appreciated this line from an excellent homily this weekend. Father Dan – who I just met – really took the readings and expounded on them this weekend. (Weren’t those some great readings? Ach, I love the Church.) It reminded me of something one might read in Pope Benedict’s Spe Salvi, an encyclical I recommend reading even if encyclicals aren’t usually your thing. 

Believing anything is hopeless is counter-Christian. All is not lost. Jesus Christ is alive! – Fr. Dan

5 thoughts on “Monday Musings [four totally unrelated topics!]

    • oh, I should clarify that part – it’s not actually a quote from Pope Benedict, but from my priest this weekend! Just reminded me of his words 😉 I’m sure he’d appreciate the comparison though!

  1. Oh yes, the joys of the employee handbook. Good luck. We go crazy with our Acceptable Use Policy at my work, just trying to get everyone to sign it. (Too bad we can’t just suspend their electronics/internet use until they sign!)

    Cooking for one: Been there, am there, still experimenting. (I also can’t have milk, popcorn, or chopped nuts. Man, I miss my coffee-and-microwave-popcorn dinners!)
    I follow a number of cooking people on Twitter and on their blogs. Some things I attempt I do try to document–my cooking posts are labeled “Bachelorette Kitchenette.”
    I personally don’t love cleaning up a ton of dishes OR eating the same thing five days in a row, so it’s rare I make a whole recipe unless it’s something freezable, but even then I usually just divide the meat in half, try to halve the recipe, and put the other half of the meat in the freezer for later, to make either the same recipe again or a new one. I just bought a slow cooker a few months ago but am having mixed results and don’t love it yet.

    Your local library might have a cookbook on cooking for one–I just borrowed GOING SOLO IN THE KITCHEN by Jane Doerfer but I haven’t read it yet. It seems to have a good amount of advice in the beginning about cookware, shopping, and so on. Best of luck!

  2. You will probably get this suggestion a lot – but prep your food as soon as you get home from the grocery. It’s a little wasteful – but invest in lots of cheap sandwich size ziploc baggies. You can sort your meat – especially things like chicken breast – as soon as you get home and freeze it individually, then the night before I just throw one in the fridge and it’s usually good two days in there (so if you don’t use it the next day, you’re still okay the following day.) You can do this with ground meat too but obviously you need to do it before you freeze it and wrap it up tightly. Also, I pre slice vegetables. I keep a container of pre sliced onions and tomatoes in the fridge. Basically, when you prep everything ahead of time all your cooking becomes just assembly.

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