#7QT: The “I’m Writing This On My Lunch Break So They’re Actually Quick” Edition

Lo and behold! Another post! At least it’s still Friday.

— 1 —

Coffee in the morning; Coke Zero in the afternoon. This is my life now. There should probably be water in there somewhere, right?

— 2 —

So Greek yogurt. I hated it for a while on principle because it’s the hip new kid on the dairy corner. And to be honest, some of it is terrible. That said… you have to try lots of different kinds. Because the Dannon fruit-on-the-bottom fat free ones look gross when you take off the lid (gotta mix that stuff up) but they taste delish. And the Kroger Greek lite are quite good, especially since they’re sold for 80cents for a full 6oz container (check the price per ounce on that Chobani before you buy it, y’all) but there are some flavors that work and some flavors that just do NOT work.

— 3 —

There is some GOOD stuff going on this week! I’m doing my best to focus on the good stuff. That just seems like a…good…idea. Right? Right. And that is why I started my morning by downing some coffee, cranking up Nina Simone’s “Feeling Good”, and dancing and singing along before heading to work. It’s all about starting on the right foot!

— 4 —

All signs point to me attending (yet another) Norfolk Tides game tonight, this time with some new-to-me Catholic friends! Thanks, #cathsorority, for making my social life a happening thing again. It doesn’t hurt that I know I can talk pro wrestling with these friends and not get WAIT WHAT YOU WATCH THAT?! responses. Like I said…yay, friendship!

— 5 —

Does anyone out there still send hand-written letters? (Is hand-written a hyphenated word?) Because I do. I like writing letters and cards and mailing them to people. There’s something fun about the process – the fact that there’s no “eh, that’s boring, I’ll delete that paragraph” option, the doodles in the corner, the writing of an address and sticking on of a stamp. If you’re into letter writing, let me know. I have lots of stationery I need to use. Stationery from childhood, so… yes! Let me send you a note!

— 6 —

it’s almost september. HOW? I don’t know. But September is the MONTH of birthdays with the people in my life. One of my brothers. My dad. Mama Mary. My boyfriend. My sister-in-law. I think four of my cousins…but perhaps more. Two of my aunts. Y’all September birthdays, you’re just popular. On the upside, it doesn’t usually snow on your birthday. On the downside, you’ve probably never had your birthday off school thanks to a wicked snow storm. I’ll stick with my February celebration, thank you. It doesn’t hurt that there’s lots of cheap candy available right around my birthday…

— 7 —

Allow me to wrap up with my librarian hat: what was the best thing you read or listened to this summer? As much as I read and visit the library I’m not always up on the “popular” literature. That sometimes works in my favor, but I want to know what really struck you – what made you think – what should I add to my library hold list?

I’ll share. This summer I got addicted to Brad Thor’s books, and I have “The Athena Project” at home just waiting for this weekend to arrive. I’m currently reading Jim Gaffigan’s “Dad Is Fat” and it is at the  laugh out loud in public level of hilarity. Can’t really recommend it more than I just did in that statement. So… what did you read? What did you see? Were there any good movies this summer? Because I didn’t see any of them, I don’t think…

That’s all for me! Per the usual, for more Quick Takes, visit Conversion Diary!


4 thoughts on “#7QT: The “I’m Writing This On My Lunch Break So They’re Actually Quick” Edition

    • YES! Exactly. There’s so much more joy when you see a hand-addressed little envelope, and not something that’s all CORPORATION DEMANDING MORE MONEY. Although I do also enjoy getting coupons in the mail, letters/cards are more fun! 🙂

  1. I just read “Between Heaven and Mirth” last week! It was good, but a little repetitive. I liked his “My Life with the Saints” a lot better. I’m reading “Monkeyluv” by Robert Sapolsky right now–it’s funny and interesting and about biology.

    I like sending letters, too! I’m especially persnickety about sending thank you notes. I started making my own stationery with rubber stamps. It’s fun!

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